Welcome to Day 18 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Only a week to go.

I sincerely hope you are getting actively involved in the 25 Day Success Challenge.

I know I keep going on about this, but ‘Taking Action’ is essential. 

I really think this is one of the main deciding factors regarding your chances of success or not. It is the major difference between the under achievers and the over achievers.

Out of the 17 days so far how many can honestly say, hand on heart you have given 100% and completed every task I gave you?

I am guessing, but based on sound logic, so I should say, I know 80% of you have done nothing.

Around 20% of you have perhaps tried to take action on 3 or 4 days. And I also estimate 4% of you have completed every single task from day 1, and those are well on their way to Creating Massive Change in their lives.

So a huge well-done to you.

You know who you are.

For the rest of you. It isn’t too late to make a fresh start. You can go back to the beginning of this challenge and start from Day 1 again. If you are serious about being successful, you’ll do it right this time.

Now, on to Day 18 – Exercising Your Creative Muscle. As an entrepreneur it’s probably true about you that you think differently to almost everyone you know. You have different dreams, desires and passions.

I think it would be fair to say you are more creative than most people you know, including your family members. The trouble is you might feel that you creative juices dry up on occasions.

Also, you might feel you struggle to produce meaningful work which is marketable and that you can monetize. Being a creative genius can feel like a non-stop battle sometimes.

This I think has a lot to do with a few things I have covered on the 25 Day Success Challenge already.

Day 16: Removing Your Limiting Beliefs Day 3: Improving Your Self-Esteem Day 2: 8-Step Morning Ritual All of the tutorials on the days above will help you fight the resistance which is holding you back from success.

What Can You Do To Jiggle Your Creative Juices?

Your brain controls your chances of success. Therefore, you must look after the state of your brain. Here are a few ideas for a healthy, creative brain.

  1. Make Sure You Keep Your Body Active

On Day 2 I showed you the power of my 8-Step Morning Rituals. And on various days I’ve reminded you to do some press-ups or similar quick and easy exercises.

This was not just so you improve the health of your body, but importantly to keep your mind sharp and creative. If blood is not pumping around your body during exercise it will be starved of essential creative chemicals. Active blood circulation will energize your brain to help you think stronger & deeper.  

  1. Read Every Day

The more you read, the better your thought processes will be. On Day 4: Driving To A Marketing Education I showed you a simple and effective way to read at least a book a week. So now you have no excuses. You must nourish your brain with essential, helpful, motivating information.  

  1. Join A Mastermind Group

If you join a mastermind group in your area you will get the opportunity to use your brain in different and challenging ways. Helping other people with completely different businesses to your own can be a very effective way to get your creative juices going and building your mental edge to develop your own business. There are a ton of benefits from mastermind groups which I’ll explain later.  

  1. Challenge Your Brain

I’m sure you remember maths in school and thinking ‘what’s the point of all those algebra questions. The brain gets lazy and hence you have to stimulate it. I’m not asking you to swot up on your algebra. But you could try some brain puzzles, general knowledge quizzes and pub quizzes.

Try something new to challenge your brain, and give it some brain exercises.  

Ok, that’s the end of Day 18.

Your Task today is to assess how you can improve your diet. Are you hydrated enough throughout the day?

Do you get enough sleep?

How can you challenge your brain outside of your own business?

And get reading!!

Keep active, and I’ll see you tomorrow…  

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland



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