Welcome to Day 3 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Did you do you some press-ups this morning? How about your Morning Rituals?

I really hope you are committing yourself to the 25 Day Success Challenge

Today I want to talk about improving your self-esteem

First, you have to believe that it’s possible to change.

This change may not happen easily or quickly.

But it’s something that’ll happen if you consciously allow it to.

Doing your Incantations every morning will put you in the right frame of mind for sure.


Here are some tips that you can use to improve your self-esteem:

  1. Dream big with unshakable confidence – Become an unshakable optimist.

Talk about and think about only the things you want. Your potential is unlimited.

You CAN do it, so tell yourself you can.

Optimism is the one quality most associated with success and happiness than any other.

  1. Never think about yourself in a bad way

Instead, celebrate the achievements and strengths you have.

Write down 5 things you are able to do well and put it on your bathroom mirror

Repeat them to yourself whenever you brush your teeth

Also, blend this list in with your Morning Rituals.

  1. Be careful of perfectionism

You don’t need to be perfect to be an entrepreneur

But you MUST complete tasks

The desire to be perfect will give you needless stress.

  1. Overlook mistakes

Rather than seeing mistakes as mistakes, see them as opportunities to learn.

It’s only feedback. Not mistakes. Use that feedback to keep improving the next time.

  1. Don’t put yourself down – also called ‘Negative Self-Talk’

Stop beating yourself up because of your weaknesses.

Everyone has weaknesses, and no one can do everything well.

Better to focus on doing a few things really well, rather than many things half decent.

  1. Try out new things

When you try new things, be proud of the things you have learned.

  1. Begin doing things for others

Do volunteer work, mentor others. Get involved in blogs in your niche and help people.

When you help people, you’ll have much better self-esteem.

  1. Have a 2 minute self-appreciation timeout every day

This is a very simple and important habit.

Spend just two minutes on it every day for a month. See the huge difference.

Simply, take a deep breath, slow down and ask yourself this question:

What are 3 things I appreciate about myself? Think deeply and focus on slow breathing.

  1. Exercise daily

When you exercise, you boost the natural happy chemicals in your body

Exercise will ease your stress, and make you feel way better


Keep in mind no one has the power to make you feel bad – No one has the power to do that, only you.

Having a healthy self-esteem is important

It will affect the way that you act and how you see yourself.

I don’t have all the answers but hopefully I’ve given you some helpful advice today

Remember, low self-esteem is beatable.

Run through this post again, and remember you have a lot to be grateful for.


See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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