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​Welcome, aspiring copywriter and digital adventurer!

If you’re a blogger or have ever dabbled in writing blog posts, I have good news for you: You’re a stone’s throw away from becoming a well-paid copywriter. 

Better yet, you can go from being a lowly paid blogger to a highly-in-demand copywriter, without even needing to be a grammar wizard or social media expert. 

How? Let’s dive in!

Look, I know how you might be feeling right now, as a blogger trying your best to achieve the ultimate laptop lifestyle…

A few years back, let’s call it my “Pre-Copywriter Era,” I was the archetype of a worn-out blogger, on the verge of giving up.

(image – slumped guy at desk)

Picture me hunched over my keyboard, surrounded by empty coffee cups, stale donuts, and sticky notes—a lot of sticky notes. Each one was a tragic reminder of blog posts I had yet to cover for clients, such as “10 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You” and “The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Toothpaste.”

Here’s the kick: I was making $3,000 to $4,000 a month. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That doesn’t sound so bad.” 

I know a content writer, affiliate marketing guy or web developer can earn much less… 

And you’d be right—if only I wasn’t pouring endless hours into crafting each sentence as if it were a fine artisanal cheese, only to be paid in those crappy processed singles.

Don’t you just love the clients at the bottom, paying peanuts and expecting Van Gogh quality??

The not so funny thing was my social life resembled a ghost town. 

My mates saw me so rarely they started using a cardboard cutout of me to remember what I looked like. 

And dating? Forget about it! I had built an intimate relationship with my laptop, which was high maintenance and demanded all of my attention. It was surely time for a change.

Then came “The Revelation,” complete with cinematic background music and soft lighting. 

A mate in the marketing world (one of the few people who ever saw me in 3D) let me in on the secret elixir of life: copywriting. And one mentor in particular…

Stefan Georgi!

I’d never heard of him.

“Copywriting?” I scoffed, images of writing product descriptions and instruction manuals for blenders flashing before my eyes.

“No, you Luddite!” he exclaimed. “Copywriting is what you’re already good at—writing—but on steroids. You sell, you persuade, you help businesses become more profitable and you make more money. Win win”

I was intrigued, so I dipped my toes into the magical realm of copywriting with Stefan Georgi and his RMBC course in particular.

Instead of writing long, fluffy pieces about the psychological struggles of indoor plants.

Don’t get me wrong. Creative writing and content creation for small businesses, writing on specific topics, can be fun and provide a good living. But once you master the art of creating valuable content for a successful Wordpress blog, it makes sense to want to reach the next level.

Once I became an in-demand copywriter, I was now crafting snappy, persuasive texts designed to make people take action. Small business owners were relishing my awesome content and marketing messages because I was putting more dosh in their pockets.

Plus, I know my old-school grammar-nazi teacher in high school wouldn’t like me using words like “Snag,” “Unlock,” and “Revolutionize,”, but now nobody judged me.

Here’s where the story gets good. 

The transition was as seamless as a buttered penguin down a kid’s slide. 

With Stefan’s RMBC Copywriting Course under my belt, and armed with Divi (the Ferrari of website-building software), I started to craft my own website. And oh boy, Divi and I made my site pop and sizzle with responsive design and high-conversion copy.

Cut to the present—the “Golden Copywriter Era.” I hit the illustrious $10,000 per month mark 4 months after investing in the RMBC course!

I now work fewer hours than when I was blogging but easily make more than twice the money. 

My work/life balance is tons better. I get to see my mates as often as I want, and I even go on a few dates…

So here I am, a living testament to the life changing benefits of copywriting and a good website platform. Life is good in the fast lane. 

And one of the best parts is that I can stay at home with all my lovely pets!!

And they say dreams don’t come true. 😏

​The Big Jump from Blogger to Copywriter

The thing is, your skillset is already halfway there. As a blogger, you already have a knack for writing. You know how to attract potential clients. You know how to write to keep search engines happy. You can tell a good story that engages an audience. The leap from Blogger to Copywriter isn’t as big as you think. The best part? You don’t have to be a walking dictionary or a human thesaurus to be a copywriter.

Why You Don’t Need to Be a Grammar Wizard

The biggest mistake people “on the fence” about copywriting make is that copywriting isn’t about using complicated jargon or ‘five-dollar words.’ It’s about writing the way people speak. It’s relatable, persuasive, and direct. So, if you can write a blog post, you can do market research, find potential customers, and write good copy.

Why Divi is Your Ultimate Wingman in This Transformation

Divi’s interface has been made for everyone, especially bloggers and copywriters. So, if you’ve had a lot of work writing blog content, chances are you’re already familiar with WordPress or similar platforms. The Divi website-building software is a WordPress theme that will feel like home but with a lot more power under the hood. I kinda feel sorry for the guys in web development, because you don’t need them anymore with Divi. And with Divi, it’s never information overload. The design elements are super simple to understand. 

Feature-Packed For the Aspiring $10,000 a Month Copywriter

Divi isn’t just another WordPress theme; it’s the Swiss Army knife of WordPress themes. From lead capture forms to client testimonials and portfolio showcases, it has all the features you’d want to promote your copywriting services.

Easy Portfolio Management

For a copywriter, your portfolio is your biggest selling point. Divi makes it ridiculously easy to manage your portfolio, add new work, and showcase it in a stylish layout. You’re not just selling your services; you’re showcasing your evolution from a Blogger to Copywriter.

Stunning Sales Pages

What’s a copywriter without compelling sales pages? With Divi, you can create responsive and visually stunning sales pages that resonate with your target audience. Plus, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to make it happen!

Seamless Email Integration

To hit that consistent $10,000 per month, you need more than just one-time clients; you need ongoing relationships. Divi enables seamless email list integration, setting you up for long-term success.

Harness the Power of A/B Testing for Unbeatable Copy

A/B Testing: Your New Best Friend

One significant advantage that Divi offers is the ability to perform A/B testing right from the dashboard. For the copywriter aspiring to hit big numbers, this is invaluable. You can easily set up two versions of a landing page, email copy, or call-to-action and see which one performs better.

Decoding the Metrics

A/B testing isn’t just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It’s about understanding your audience. With Divi’s intuitive metrics and analytics, you’ll know exactly what your audience prefers, allowing you to tweak your copy for the highest conversion rates.

Why Marketers and Digital Entrepreneurs Need Divi

ROI-Boosting Features

From SEO tools to CRM integrations, Divi has everything a marketer needs to optimize their campaigns. But you’re not just a marketer; you’re a copywriter, and that makes you a dual-threat in the digital realm. You can use Divi’s features to not just sell your services, but to sell them efficiently.

Future-Proof Your Business

Technology changes. Business models evolve. But a well-designed, versatile website will always be a cornerstone of any digital venture. Divi enables scalability, ensuring that you’re not just making money today, but laying the foundation for future success.

Create Dynamic Content and Landing Pages

Be Dynamic, Be Versatile

Static content is so 2010. The contemporary internet surfer expects content that adapts and responds. Divi lets you create dynamic content that can be tailored for individual visitors, making your copywriting more personal, more targeted, and more effective.

Therefore, more profitable!!

Landing Pages that Convert

First impressions are vital, and nothing makes a better first impression than a killer landing page. Divi comes with pre-designed layouts and a drag-and-drop builder, enabling you to create custom landing pages that align with your brand and, most importantly, convert.

Tips for Bloggers Transitioning to Copywriting with Divi

Nail Your Unique Selling Proposition

Remember, you’re not just a blogger anymore. You’re a copywriter, and that means you’re in the business of persuasion. Divi can help you design a website that clearly communicates your unique selling proposition, turning prospects into clients.

With Divi – You Can Keep It Real

The key to successful copywriting is authenticity. Use Divi to design a site that reflects your voice, your style, and your values. If you’re an eco-conscious copywriter, use Divi’s built-in tools to incorporate green color schemes and sustainable themes into your design. The freelance writing niche has never been more fun or simple with Divi in your arsenal. 

Optimize for Mobile and Increase Your Reach

The Ubiquity of Mobile

In an age where smartphones are practically a fifth limb, having a mobile-optimized website is non-negotiable. Divi ensures that your site looks just as stunning on a mobile screen as it does on a desktop, allowing you to reach a broader audience without lifting a finger.

The Quick and the Mobile

Divi’s performance optimization features ensure that your mobile site is blazing fast. Given that Google considers page speed as a ranking factor, Divi not only enhances user experience but also helps improve your search engine rankings.

Automate Workflow and Reclaim Your Time

Smarter, Not Harder

Divi integrates seamlessly with popular marketing tools like MailChimp, making it easier for you to automate your email marketing campaigns. This frees up valuable time, which you can invest in refining your copywriting skills or taking on more clients.

Divi Leads for the Win

The built-in Divi Leads tool allows you to track your leads and conversions without needing an external analytics tool. The simplified workflow means less time troubleshooting and more time doing what you do best: writing.

Multiple Languages, Multiple Markets

Cross the Language Barrier

Why limit your copywriting services to just one linguistic group? With Divi’s WPML compatibility, you can easily translate your site into multiple languages, effectively doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your market reach.

The Global Freelancer

As a copywriter aiming for consistent five-figure months, you can’t afford to ignore international markets. With Divi, you can appeal to a global audience while sitting in your home office, sipping your morning coffee.


Final thoughts on making the transition from blogger to copywriter

The sky really is the limit with Divi and copywriting. 

If you truly want to transition from a blogger to an in-demand, highly paid copywriter, then you need to think like a business person, an entrepreneur rather than just a writer. 

And then means presenting your services professionally. 

And I don’t know of any website-building software better than Divi.

A Toolkit for Success

From A/B testing to mobile optimization to workflow automation, Divi offers a comprehensive toolkit for anyone in the digital sphere. But for copywriters transitioning from blogging, Divi is more than just a toolkit; it’s a catalyst for change.

Take the Leap

Stop sidelining copywriting as just a side hustle. With the right tools and the right mindset, it can be a lucrative, fulfilling career. And with Divi, you’ve got the perfect partner to make that leap from Blogger to Copywriter while targeting that elusive $10,000 monthly income.

Of course, to achieve a regular income of $10,000+ per month, you must master the art of Copywriting.

And I don’t know of a better copywriting master to teach you the art than Stefan Georgi and his RMBC Copywriting Course.

No, it’s not free, and case studies and a lot of research has shown, that if RMBC was free, you would NOT complete it.

But by having some skin in the game, you are much more likely to complete the whole course and boost your earnings to $10k+ per month.

If you can’t afford RMBC or refuse to invest in yourself then perhaps you don’t have the right mindset to become a copywriter. 

Only you can decide that… 

This marks the end of my deep dive into why Divi is the ultimate tool for digital entrepreneurs, especially those making the transition from blogging to copywriting. 

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Thank you for reading, and here’s to your soaring freelance career!


Now, go and Build Your Freelance Website with Divi…

Always Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland


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