The Simple, 4-Step Copywriting Method

That Took Stefan from Broke and Living In A Trailer

To Generating Over $700MM In Sales

How to become a freelance copywriter?

So, you want to become a copywriter.

I think a better question would be…

How to become an a-list copywriter?


Because there are a ton of copywriters out there just eeking out a paltry living.

They are working a ton of hours. Might not really enjoy it. And are not earning the income they could be.

So, how do you become a successful A-list copywriter?


You find a copywriting mentor.

And right now, there are few people more qualified to teach you to become a successful a-list copywriter than Stefan Georgi.

His RMBC Method WILL help you become the sort of copywriter than enjoys financial freedom.

And for less than $1,000 it is cheaper than most courses out there.

I can’t afford $1,000 to invest in my copywriting career

Yes, $1,000 is a big chunk of change.

But you could edit one or two books on Upwork this weekend, to get your $1,000.

Then invest that $1,000 back into your development as an A-List Copywriter.

So, get cracking then come back here.

You back?

Great. When you invest in the RMBC Method copywriting course you’re going to be given a foolproof copywriting system that allows you to pump out attention-grabbing, conversion-popping sales copy at an unfathomably fast rate.

Stefan should know – he first created this system to help him write an unheard of 12 sales letters per month for a client back in 2014….and those letters grossed the client over $100MM that year.

Now he’s publishing the entire 4 Step System online for the first time ever…So you can steal it from underneath his nose and begin using it for yourself today.

If you own a business, you can take this system and 2x or 3x your revenue this year – even if you already do nine figures.

If you’re a Freelancer, you can use this system to start charging your clients $10,000, or even $25,000 per project in the next six months – while cutting your writing time by over 80%…

Even better, this system works no matter what you sell or how you sell it (Stefan proves that throughout the whole course).

Intrigued? Watch the video below, and discover exactly what this 4-step system is, and how it can transform both your copy and your life (just like it has done for everyone who has followed the RMBC system).

RMBC stands for Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy.

It’s a four-step copywriting process Stefan developed back in 2014 so he could pump out 12 sales letters per month.

The reason The RMBC Method is so important is because it provides a systematized, step-by-step approach to writing sales copy.

By doing Research, you understand you gain a strong understanding of your prospect, the language they use, their pain points, and what solutions they’ve tried in the past.

With the Mechanism, you’re able to explain to the prospect why they failed to get results in the past, and how they can succeed in the future.

With the Brief, you end up writing several pieces of the sales letter, but in bite-sized chunks.

And with Copy, you have a follow-along template for producing high-converting sales letters again-and-again.

I’ve been through most copywriting courses out there, and this truly is the copywriting course for 2020 and beyond.

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I’ve been through most copywriting courses out there including Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace and David Garfinkel but Stefan’s RMBC Method truly is the copywriting course you need if you’re serious about a career in copywriting or you want to boost the sales of your own products.

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