Welcome to Day 16 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

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Now, on to Day 16 – Removing Your Limiting Beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs can seriously hold you back from achieving what you desire for your business. The problem that most entrepreneurs have is that we have limiting beliefs, at least to some degree.

We have voices that tell us we’re “not good enough” “not smart enough” “don’t have enough skills” to achieve our goals.

Why is it so hard to beat our limiting beliefs?

Well, Day 16 of the 25 Success Challenge I will give you some insight into why you have limiting beliefs and give you some sound techniques to fight them.

As with every day of the challenge so far, if you dive straight in and put real effort into what I’m teaching you, then you’ll have the opportunity to race past your competition. However, if you take no action, you’ll receive no benefit.

And you’ll be exactly where you were this morning.

Can We Beat Our Demons of Doubt?

How are we supposed to triumph over our limiting beliefs? Will positive self-talk be all we need? Can we visualize being successful & beat our ‘demons of doubt’?

I believe positive self-talk and visualization can be exceptionally powerful tools for entrepreneurs & I’ve had a great deal of success in my coaching groups in these areas.

But alone they might only address the symptoms of doubt rather than the cause of your limiting beliefs. In my experience and research the doubt often stems from events long in my clients past.

Also, most people want quick fixes rather than trying to understand why they have the limiting beliefs in the first place.

Why Do We Have Limiting Beliefs?

We largely have limiting beliefs because our subconscious mind controls our thoughts and beliefs. Our minds think about our problems and forms conclusions in very precise and specific ways.

This concept is called reflective judgment and it gives us three groups in the way we think. This theory teaches us that our limiting beliefs are a result of how sophisticated we think about things.

If this is true then it is fair to say we can reduce our limiting beliefs by developing the quality of our thinking. This is pretty powerful stuff. So please stay with me.  

The Three Levels of Reflective Judgement

Level One

Rigid thinking is that you believe what authority figures tell you   Type of limiting belief: others tell you that you can’t do it, so you believe them. Example: Society tells us only certain people are born to be successful so why should I try?

Level Two – Ambiguous thinking. 

You believe things are true or real for different people.

Type of limiting belief: uncertainty and fear; you will never be successful because there’s no direct path.  You think that people who are successful are just different than you are. Example: Successful internet entrepreneurs are just different than you.  They’re rich, attractive, and have special skills and qualities that you just don’t have. 

You were just born with the wrong genes.

Level Three

Evidence based thinking. 

This is when you think there is knowledge to do things a certain way.

And by acting in a certain way, you too can be successful. Type of limiting belief:

There is no room for limiting beliefs, because defining success is the result of a logical and analytical inquisition rather than unfounded assumptions and emotional capriciousness.

Example: My ability to be a successful entrepreneur depends upon how skilful I am. And I can improve if I learn the skills needed to be successful online.

And if I build my network of contacts and affiliates I too can be successful. Therefore, I truly can be a successful entrepreneur if I make a conscious effort to ‘do whatever it takes’ to be successful. 

Remember what I taught you on Day 5? 

A Dream Life is a Vision which you Desire Most in Your Life with enough Compelling Reasons TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES” The 3rd Level thinking is awesome because it means you can work out how to be successful, instead of listening to that negative self-talk which tells you “it can’t work”.

How To Become a 3rd Level Thinker

  • Assess the negative self-talk you have going on inside your head.
  • Challenge these assumptions that you can’t do something, can’t be successful.

Often our longest-held assumptions are chains that hold us back and cause us needless worry.  These assumptions are what 1st and 2nd Level Thinkers struggle with. Do you really need a million dollars in the bank to truly feel successful? Do you think you can’t start an online business? Have you actually tried?  Forget about can’t!!

  • Don’t have an emotional attachment to a point of view.

We usually want to be right, or think what our parents and society tells us is right, but what really matters is what actually is right.  If it doesn’t bother you to find out your current views are wrong, you would gladly change them to something better.  Having a disinterested perspective means a willingness to learn and assess new viewpoints.  This increased understanding makes it harder to hold limiting beliefs.

  • Believe and do what seems most reasonable.

What you actually do believe will be based on reason and evidence.  So instead of thinking “it’s impossible for a guy like me to start an online business!”, you’ll think “if I want to start a business, I need to do these things in order to be successful and I need a definite plan going forward”.

When you have a plan, you’ll know if you’re willing to put the effort into making your plan work. 

So the only thing that will “limit” you is your decision to pursue the goal or not, rather than your emotions. So try to think as a 3rd Stage Thinker.  By appealing to reasoning over emotion, you leave no room for emotional limiting beliefs to hold you back.  

That’s all for today, now go and sit in a quiet room for 20 minutes, close the curtains and really think hard about what you really want in life.

In the next few days I’ll discuss how you can formulate a concrete plan..

See you again tomorrow…  

greg noland click funnelsDedicated to your success,

Greg Noland



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