Welcome to Day 17 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

On Day 6 of the 25 Day Success Challenge, I discussed how you can make a difference to your chances of Success by changing your routine.

And how you can escape from reality TV and grab a 13th month every year.

Since then just over 10 days have passed by already. Have you started to change your routine?  

Have you started to take back your life?

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If you have then today will be extra special to you because I’m going to give you some more ideas on how you can be even more productive.

A golden rule I got from my friend Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits is: “The difference between paralyzing self-doubt and massive self-confidence?  The ability to finish a project”.

Now this might mean different things to different people, but to me it is all about being extremely productive and finishing projects.

To make best use of your time and energy to work on your business you need to be hyper productive and ultra-focused. You also have to ‘Take Action’ – This is essential. 

This is one of the main deciding factors regarding your chances of success or not. It is the major difference between the under achievers and the over achievers. How Can You Become More Productive

  1. Master Multitasking

Multitasking is good if you choose the right tasks to join together. Here are some tasks you can do together and some you can’t. Good Multitasking

  1. Working hard at the gym + listening to one of my audio books
  2. Driving anywhere + listening to one of my audio books
  3. Doing any housework (you should delegate this ASAP) + listening to one of my audio books

Bad Multitasking

  1. Writing copy for your website, promotions + any other task
  2. Planning your day, week, month + any other task
  3. Reading an important book + checking your Facebook page

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. While you are doing any of your BIG THREE DAILY JOBS – you are bound to remember other important things and you won’t want to forget them.

So you’ll open up another window and get side tracked. NO!! Jot down that idea in your daily planner, and get back to the main job.

  1. Prioritize Your Big Three Daily Jobs

A key principle of proper time-management is prioritizing. As soon as you start organizing your time according to Your Big Three Daily Jobs, you’ll notice a massive improvement in your overall productivity.

As promised I will get round to Setting Goals and Project Planning in the days ahead. I say three big jobs, but it could be one major job done all day. But I have found I’m not as productive and motivated if I do the same job all day.  

  1. Have A Plan and Use It!

The last job I do every day, before bed is to go over my plan for that day, and work out my plan for the next day. And also to assess my achievements and weak points for that day.

Every Sunday I work out my goals for the week. Every last Sunday of the month I work out my goals for the following month. With your smartphone you can easily set reminders and the alarm.

I have tried all sorted of productivity apps but found I just waste so much time working out how to use them, and waste time adding in information. The people who say you MUST use planning and productivity apps are probably selling them. There’s nothing wrong with a piece of paper. I carry mine folded up in my breast pocket. Easily accessible.  

  1. Master Delegation

Often we postpone tasks because either they are too difficult, too big, or the task is boring. These are the kind of tasks you might be able to delegate to someone else.

Cutting the grass, hoovering the house etc should be done by someone else. Not a budding entrepreneur. The sooner you farm out these jobs the better.

As an entrepreneur, especially when you are just starting out, you will most likely try to do every job. However, now there are sites like ‘Fiverr’ and ‘People Per Hour’ you could achieve the same in two years which might take you ten doing everything by yourself.

When someone else can do the task better than you, it would be best to delegate your workload and focus on the other tasks on your list which only you can do.

  1. Health, Hygiene and Fitness!

Remember on Day 15 I mentioned about the importance of staying fit and healthy? And how a poor life balance and general bad health will be counter-productive to your success?

Did you look into the benefits of The Bum Gun?  

If you haven’t yet, you should do. I promise you won’t regret it. If your mind and body are not healthy, you can’t expect to achieve the greatest levels of productivity.

Make sure you eat quality food, get to the gym and make sure you remain positive with your Morning Rituals from Day 2. I truly believe one of my secrets to massive productivity is because I gave up using toilet paper.

This has reduced my exposure to bacteria, and thus to illness. I have not missed a day of work in 20+ years.

About the same time I started using The Bum Gun. Strange coincidence? Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

  1. Keep Focus on Your Life Plan

Don’t get too tied up in your daily goals and forget about your life plan! Did you Create Your Dream Life on Day 5 the 25 Day Success Challenge? Do you know what “Your Extraordinary Life Looks Like” now?

If you followed my advice on Day 5 you’ll now have a much better chance of achieving your Life Plan.  

You need to be aware of everything you do throughout your day. Time is our greatest resource and you’ll never get it back once it’s gone. So make the most of it by Maximizing Your Productivity.  

That’s all for today, now go and do 50 press-ups!

See you again tomorrow…  

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland



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