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Welcome to Day 15 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

So how is your working space looking? Which points have you decided to change in your working environment?

What time are you hitting the garden centre this Sunday? You gonna need lots of oxygen baby in the months ahead, and plants are going to give you that.

Don’t just plan it. TAKE ACTION! And guess what? Today’s topic is Mastering Procrastination!


Master this sucker and success will be knocking at your door buddy!   One of the biggest dilemmas we face in life is doing things we don’t want to do. Perhaps you started off on the entrepreneur journey because you didn’t want someone telling you what to do all the time.

And now you are your own boss, you are finding that you still have to do things you don’t want to do.

I understand not everyone tuning in to the 25 Day Success Challenge is an entrepreneur, but this is the focus of this blog, so if you are not an entrepreneur understand my reasoning and apply the principles to your life.

A very common email I get from business owners is “How do you always keep so motivated? You’re like a machine”. I think Procrastination stems from a few things but can loosely be grouped under.

  1. Lack of Understanding about the Journey and the Destination
  2. Poor Life Balance, and General Bad Health
  3. Not Having A Working Plan
  4. You Feel You’re Gonna Stuff Up

Lack of Understanding about the Journey and the Destination

You obviously need to be crystal clear what you want out of life and in your business. And if you honestly are not really sure yet, then you need to take some time out to get some clarity of where you’re heading.

The sure fire plan to nowhere is trying to plough forward, but you just end up chasing your tail. The years will go by quickly and you’ll find it’s suddenly 2020 and you’re in exactly the same place you were in 2015.

A lot of people these days don’t bother creating a marketing plan, but I think this is nuts. And this is a big reason so many people don’t get anywhere in life.

We had a saying when I was in the army. “What, you were in the army?”

Ok, ok, not the proper army. Just the Territorial Army or the TA as we say in the UK.  But being in the TA did help my discipline and that helps me master

Procrastination to this day. So, ok, back to the army saying which consisted of the 7 P’s. “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.

Yes, a tad, crass. But there I said it. But it is true. Another saying I’ve picked up along the way, although I can’t remember from where “If you fail to plan, then you plan to Fail.” 

Note: If you need my help developing your marketing plan, please email on cbdoilhealthdepot (at) gmail (dot) com

Poor Life Balance, and General Bad Health

Now what I’m about to teach you might be a shock to you if you’ve never thought this through before. If you are drained of energy all the time and can’t seem to be motivated to do all the tasks you would like, then I might have the reason why.

It could be your poor diet. It could be that you’re not getting enough quality sleep. You might not be getting enough exercise. Or it could be due to excessive exposure to bacteria.

Do you wash your hands for 20 seconds after using the toilet?

Do you still use toilet paper?

Do you realize that bacteria can seep through as many as 10 sheets of toilet paper?

And I bet you don’t use nearly that many sheets? And I also bet you don’t wash your hands for long enough under the hand washing guidelines by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

I’d go as far to say, you’ll reach your intended destination in business at least a few years earlier if you give up toilet paper and start using The Bum Gun.

Some people might think that is absolute boloni, nonsense, crap talk. But those same people have not read the hundreds of documents of hygiene, and the effects of poor hygiene and exposure to bacteria that I have.

Plus those same people have not had 20+ years of experience of using The Bum Gun bidet sprayer and in the last 5 years working with hundreds of clients and end users and learning about their experiences.

Keep using toilet paper at your peril, or modernize your bathroom to the 21st century and watch your productivity boom, and your Procrastination drop.  

Do You Have A Proper Working Plan?

I don’t want to go into this area too much as I’ll be covering Project Planning in the days ahead. When you decide in advance exactly what you’re going to do, and when you’re going to do it, there’s no time wasting when the time comes.

You don’t question yourself, you get on with it. When you make calculated plans you can make deliberate actions when necessary.

Proper planning has been shown in countless studies to massively improve productivity. So don’t fight it. Get organized.  

You Feel You’re Gonna Stuff Up

If you are simply scared you might screw up, then a big part of this is your Limiting Beliefs, which is the topic for tomorrow, so make sure you tune in to the 25 Day Success Challenge.  

Your Task For Today:

Check out The Bum Gun using this link and discover all the benefits for you and your family when you upgrade your bathroom habits to the 21st century. You’ll be glad you did.

And that’s a Cast Iron Promise!!

That’s all for today, now go and do 30 press-ups!

See you again tomorrow…   greg noland click funnels

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland


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