Welcome to Day 6 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Did you Design your Dream Life yesterday? Have you thought of enough compelling reasons why you NEED Success.

If you’ve never done an exercise like this before, it can be pretty hard. But stick with it and you’ll be rewarded by having much more clarity in the direction you are heading.

Today, I want to really give some real value to your life. Some of you I’ll be able to help massively, some of you perhaps a little less.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re all guilty of wasting too much time.

Today I want to talk to you about a very important secret which most people never work out in their lifetime.

Time is the most precious of all commodities. You can never claim back lost time.

The example I want to use today, is television, but it could equally be another time vampire like Facebook.

How many mornings do you wake up sleepy and groggy because you stayed up late watching television?

I bet you feel like you’ll never achieve your goals of Success. Do you feel like your life is drifting away before you? Smudged out by spending wasted nights watching X Factor, Simply Dancing or Downton Abbey? Or perhaps you are more the cable TV movie type. How many times have you seen Spiderman this year?

Yes, I know you might be saying that you just don’t have the energy to work in the evenings. (I’ll tell you later in this 25 Day Challenge how you can get more energy.)

And when you have some level of success you won’t have to work in the evenings.

But you still have a way to go yet, or else you wouldn’t be reading my blog.

Are you disappointed in yourself that you find it so difficult to avoid the television altogether? Or at least turn it off after a short period and do something which will help you achieve success?


The whole purpose of today’s post for the 25 Day Success Challenge is to take back your life.

It’s time to stop wasting so much of your life watching television.

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there too.

There was a point long ago, when I’d crash on the sofa after dinner and watch rubbish all evening.

Doing a six hour stint wasn’t beyond me. I’d often fall asleep in front of the box and wake up in the middle of the night with the TV still on.


Now here is the shocker. Just two hours per night, over a year amounts to a whopping 730 hours. Or 30 days. One full month!!

If you watch television for more than two hours per night, then you probably won’t want to do the maths!!

But think about it. If you did something production like learning a skill every evening just think what you could achieve over a year.

Television is often an excuse to mask deeper wounds and challenges in your life.

But because you are reading this right now, you have a chance to make a huge difference in your life.

So whether your vice is television, movies or Facebook, today is the day you are going to make massive change in your life.

I found just not turning the television on was the most helpful. Promising yourself that you’ll only watch it for 30 minutes and then crack on with your work is just kidding yourself.

People get paid a lot of money to create enticing promotions between programs to keep you glued to the box.

Make a difference to your chances of Success today and change your routine.

Escape from reality TV and instead make good use of your time and energy to work on your business and your personal development.

Take your life back and reward yourself with 13 Months Each Year!!

See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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