If you are concerned about Dan Kennedy please read this I just received from one of my mentors and close friend of Dan, Lee Milteer.

DAN KENNEDY is in Hospice and we are praying for his recovery but he is seriously ill.

For all those who have POSTED that he is dead. They are WRONG. Plus those posting they will tell you when he dies and what time.

All I can say is they are NOT family and do not have the rights to be spokesperson for the Kennedy FAMILY.

The behavior of people NOT TO HAVE DONE THEIR HOMEWORK and due diligence before passing on to their list that Dan has passed away is really sad and has caused a great deal of pain and suffering to the Kennedy family and caused alot of pain to Dan’s fans.

I THINK the lesson is– DO NOT Believe everything you see on the internet and be slow to jump to conclusions just because someone else who “appears” to know something is correct.

5am GMT, 23 August, 2019