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Just in case you havent seen this Dan update, here goes…

DAN KENNEDY Update: Dan called me yesterday and we had a very long conversation : These photos are from a few years ago. The guy in red in Dan’s Horse Business Partner. Claire Umholtz.

The horses are from Dan’s stable. Dan for the first time since July he was driven out to the Barns and saw his beloved passion “The Horses” which made him very happy! He is inching along to improve his health, like LIFE — things never go as fast as you want when striding for improvement.

He has dealt with setbacks bravely and is tackling them one by one like the Hero we think he is!!! CLASSIC Dan he and I are discussing what PLANS he has for 2020 and what actions he is taking to get things going.

He has been hampered somewhat due to the so many Doctor appointments that as he says: Are a pain in the ass and time sucking ! As you can imagine Dan is not the happiest of campers– as a patient.

I know he is getting better due to the amount of impatience HE is now exhibiting.

OK that is the Dan we all know and love!!!

He says to everyone:

Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving and He is grateful to be alive.

Love to all.

Lee Milteer

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