I’ve been getting a number of emails over the last few days, asking what I learned when I took Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday course, and what I found the most helpful.

So here goes…

First of all, you have to find people to write to.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s “Marketing 101”

…Identify a problem, need, or desire that a lot of people have… and then offer your solution (at a fair price).

That’s your “market.”

But as it’s a simple idea – most people stuff it up.

Ben makes sure you can identify your market. This is the first crucial step in making sure your new email writing business is built on the strongest foundation possible.

There’s a really cool lesson here from ‘Copywriting God’ Gary Halbert which Ben will explain in greater detail when you’re on the course…

Gary once asked a group of aspiring copywriters he was teaching:

“If you were going to start up a hamburger stand and you could have one, single ‘advantage,’ in the world starting out, what would it be?”

“The best Grade A beef,” one student replied.

Another said “a prime location.”

A few said “an irresistible secret sauce.”

“Good answers” said Gary. “But I’d put you all out of business with my choice…”

What did Gary want for his hamburger stand?


"A Starving Crowd"

When you have tens of thousands of people starving for a solution you have — you’ve got a huge advantage over everyone else.

And let’s face it… there are hundreds, if not thousands, of needs and wants that beg for solutions.

People want to be richer, thinner, more attractive…

They want to look younger, feel healthier…

Sportsmen want to be stronger, runners want faster times…

Golfers want longer, more accurate drives and more birdies…

Businesses want more customers, higher sales…

Baby Boomers want to travel, stay active, lead productive lives…

Parents want their kids to be happy, smart, kind people as they grow up…

You get the point…


You may already have an idea for your business. That’s great…(Or might not be, if it’s the wrong business to get into – Ben will help you choose the RIGHT business)

Something you’re passionate about, perhaps?

But what procedure did you go through, to make sure you know there’s a starving crowd waiting for your product or service?


If you don’t have a business idea yet, don’t worry.

Ben will help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

In fact, he’ll show you more than a dozen methods for identifying the most pressing needs, wants, and desires in the market today…

The best free resources you can read…

Television shows you can watch that will uncover literally thousands of pressing and urgent needs you can address with your email business…

Why a certain kind of radio is one of the best sources for learning about the deeper wants of millions of Americans…

Amazon’s another great source, if you know where to look.

Ben will teach you about a well-known website where you can go, sign up for free, and gage the demand for literally thousands of “in-need” markets.

There are no shortages of niches and special interests to write for.

In my next post, I’ll explain

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get started and invest in your future, then Ben Settle’s 10 Minute Workday course is ready for you.

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Final Thoughts…


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Always to your success, 

Greg Noland


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