​When you’ve got something to sell, you’re gonna need to present your offer.

So, you’ll need to tell your prospect…

  • What you’ve got for them
  • What’s it gonna do for them (WIIFM)
  • What you want in return

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is.

But most copywriters / marketers still get it wrong.

Many newbie copywriters (and some experienced) get caught up in how much their prospects should want what they’re offering.

And then they get surprised when they don’t respond.

But here’s the truth…

If you’ve got something that can improve their life, it’s your duty to offer it to as many people as possible.

As an example…

Many subscribers to this blog know I’m also the CEO of The Bum Gun Company as well as Head Copywriter for Red Scorpion Marketing

So with The Bum Gun, I have an absolute opportunity to drastically improve the quality of people’s lives.

Therefore, it is my duty to help people discover The Bum Gun product.

And look, if you’re still using toilet paper, you might be sitting there right now thinking “what’s this guy on about?”…

I know. I get it.

The reason you’re thinking like that is you’ve been conditioned to think there’s nothing wrong with toilet paper.

Whether you accept it or not, ever since you were old enough to watch TV, massive multi-billion dollar corporations have been brain-washing you with toilet paper advertising.

But if you ever spent any time in Asia, you’ll know Asians think it is ‘disgusting’ that western people are still using toilet paper in the 21st century.

And obviously, I’m totally on the side of Asia.

  • I hate toilet paper.
  • It’s disgusting.
  • It never gets you clean.
  • It hurts like hell.
  • It breaks your skin, so is dangerously unhygienic.

And because of all these facts, it is my DUTY to let as many people know about The Bum Gun as possible.

How do I do that?

With exciting, appealing offers…

So, how to make an appealing offer to your customers?

Here are a few things to think about…

  1. Are you making the most appealing offers you can?


  1. Is the offer written to appeal to their “Hot Buttons”?


  1. Is the offer written to correspond with market demographics? (e.g. Males, females, young, mature, liberal or conservative, etc.?)


  1. Does the offer compel the reader to read it, and is it easy to understand?


  1. Does the offer make your reader want to buy?


  1. Does your offer use any or all of these incentives for response: free gift, contest, free trial offer, installment terms, price savings, money-back guarantee?


  1. Is the price “right” for this product to this market? (Hint: Most people underprice their product!)


  1. Is there a strong money-back guarantee?


  1. Does the offer include FREE premiums to increase the perceived value of the offer?


  1. Is there anything about the offer that could adversely affect the consumers’ confidence in the company making this offer? (Hint: Remove all the reasons not to buy!)


  1. Does your offer lend itself to the development of an “automatic” repeat business cycle?


  1. Have you determined the ideal introductory period or quantity for your offer?


  1. Have you determined the ideal introductory price for your offer?


  1. Have you determined the possibility of multiple sales for your offer?


  1. Is the order phone number easy to find in the offer, and is it correct?


That should be enough to get your brain juices going…

Go have a look at your last offer, right NOW!! See if you can improve it with my checklist.

I’d love to keep going…

…but the wifey is calling as it’s Friday gym time…

Talk soon buddy…

stay safe with Greg Noland

Yours for Bigger Profits, More Often,

Greg Noland

Red Scorpion’s Head Copywriter