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44 Killer Emotions That Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers main

Maybe a better title for this post would be…”​44 Killer Emotions That Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers”

Because that is the task for most of us copywriters and marketers, right?

So, have you ever wondered what compels a prospect to turn from a viewer into a buyer? 

What emotions drive them to take action and commit? 

Welcome to the exciting world of persuasive copywriting where, believe it or not, emotions are at the core of every decision we make. 

Today, I want to touch on 44 killer emotions that, when ignited, can turn even the most sceptical prospects into enthusiastic buyers.

1. Money

In our capitalist society, everyone wants to increase their financial power. Whether it’s to make more money, save for the future, or invest wisely, the desire for financial stability is a potent emotion that drives purchasing behaviour.

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2. Irresistible Bargain

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The feeling of scoring a bargain taps into our instinct for value – it’s like finding hidden treasure. Even millionaires get excited by an irresistible bargain. It’s ingrained in us.

3. Greed

No one likes to admit it, but the hunger for more – more money, more status, more stuff – can drive us to act wildly. It’s pretty sad. But a fact of life these days. Blame the Jones family.

4. Power

The desire to exert influence, to be in control, can make a product or service incredibly appealing.

5. Fear

Fear is a strong motivator. Whether it’s a fear of missing out or a fear of danger, we’re programmed to respond swiftly and decisively to this primal emotion. Run to the hills brother!

6. Danger

Similar to fear, the presence of danger triggers our instinct for self-preservation, pushing us to seek products or services that can offer safety.

7. Revenge

Ah, the sweet taste of revenge! While it may not be as prevalent as other emotions, the desire for retribution can stimulate interest and curiosity in a product or service.

8. Sex, Love, Intimacy

The quest for connection and intimacy is as old as the hills. Anything that promises to enhance these aspects can attract buyers like moths to a flame. Like it or not, sex sells. 

9. Accumulating Valuable and Beautiful Possessions

We’re all attracted to beauty and wealth, so products that appeal to this desire will always sell well. 

10. Protecting Family and Possessions

The innate need to safeguard what’s ours, especially our loved ones, can motivate us to invest in products or services that promise protection.

11. Security in Old Age

As we age, our priorities shift towards ensuring comfort and safety in our twilight years. This drives us towards financial plans, healthcare services, and retirement homes.


12. Recognition, Pride, Ego

We all crave acknowledgement and praise. If your product or service can make someone feel appreciated, it’s gonna be a winner.

13. Retirement Security

Like security in old age, planning for a peaceful retirement is an emotion that guides many purchasing decisions. Let’s face it.  Who doesn’t worry about retirement? Provide a solution, and your prospects will listen.

14. Friendship

The desire for companionship, and for someone to share life’s ups and downs, can lead people to invest in community-building activities or platforms.

15. Improving Health

Health is wealth, they say. In today’s health-conscious society, anything that promises to improve health, reduce weight, or enhance appearance is likely to find eager buyers. If your prospects are men, then the promise of more muscle and a more powerful physique can be very powerful. If they are women, then being slimmer and having a better shape, you are on to a winner.

16. Survival and Eternal Life

While we can’t promise immortality, products that enhance longevity and survival have immense appeal.

17. Acceptance

Everyone wants to fit in, to feel accepted by their peers. Products that promise this feeling of belonging can prove incredibly popular.

18. Fame

In our social media-obsessed culture, fame is more desirable than ever. Any product that can bring a touch of stardom will be alluring.


19. Self-Improvement

We all want to be better – better parents, better workers, better lovers. Services and products that promise to aid in self-improvement can find a wide and eager audience.

20. Parental Success

There’s no manual for being a parent. Products that provide guidance and assurance in this challenging journey can be an irresistible draw.

21. Career Success

The desire for career advancement is a potent motivator. Products that promise to equip users with the skills or knowledge needed for success in their field have a clear appeal.

22. Marital Success

A happy marriage is a common goal. Services or products promising to enhance marital bliss or solve relationship issues can be powerful in the market.

23. Safeguarding Reputation

Reputation is our social currency. Any service or product that can protect, repair, or enhance our reputation has potential value.

24. Freedom from Worry

 A life free from worry is an enticing promise. Products or services that provide solutions to our problems or alleviate our concerns can be very persuasive.

25. Patriotism, Duty, Honour

Appeals to our love for our country, our sense of duty, and our personal integrity can be highly effective.

26. Saving Time, Work, Effort

We live in a fast-paced world. Anything that promises to save time, reduce workload, or simplify tasks can be a real crowd-pleaser.

27. Being Lazy

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of downtime? Everyone right?

How would you feel if I said ‘everyone is lazy at heart’?

Many might disagree with me. But I think if we go back to our caveman genes, we’re not designed to be chasing sabre-toothed tigers ALL day. Back then we loved chillin’ in the cave with a bowl of magic mushrooms with the hottest babes we could find. Not much has changed in that repect.

So, products or services that allow us to be lazy, to relax, and to unwind can work wonders.

44 Killer Emotions That Turn Prospects Into Buyers

28. Fun, Enjoyment, Leisure

Pleasure is a powerful motivator. Things that provide joy, entertainment, or relaxation have a natural appeal.

29. Increasing Comfort

From ergonomic office chairs to home automation systems, anything that enhances our comfort levels can be incredibly appealing.

30. Expressing Individuality

We all like to stand out in our own way. Products that allow us to express our unique personalities or interests can attract a loyal customer base.

31. Avoiding Pain, Hardships & Nastiness

The instinct to avoid discomfort, both physical and emotional, is strong. Anything that promises relief can be a game-changer.

32. Escaping Criticism

No one enjoys being criticized. Products that promise self-improvement, or that can shield us from criticism, can resonate deeply.

33. Satisfying Curiosity

We’re all naturally curious. Products or services that pique our curiosity or provide answers can easily grab our attention.

34. Satisfying Appetites – Gluttony

The pleasure derived from satisfying a craving, be it food or otherwise, can be a compelling force.

35. Physical Hunger/Thirst

Basic needs cannot be overlooked. Anything that satisfies hunger or quenches thirst can drive impulsive buying behaviour.

36. Anger

Products that promise to help manage or channel anger can be effective. After all, who hasn’t sought ways to vent their frustration?

37. Salvation

Spiritual or moral salvation appeals to our deep need for meaning and purpose. Products that offer guidance in this pursuit can have immense appeal.

38. Envy

It might be a deadly sin, but envy can also be a powerful motivator. If your product can provoke a sense of envy in others, it can be a persuasive selling point.

39. Guilt

Products or services that can alleviate feelings of guilt can be highly attractive. Think eco-friendly products or charitable donations.

40. Benevolence

Tapping into our desire to help others can be a successful strategy. Products that contribute to a greater good or cause can attract a committed audience.

41. Desperation

In times of desperation, we’re willing to try almost anything. Offering a solution in these moments can turn a prospect into a grateful customer.

42. Passion

Passion fuels action. If your product aligns with a person’s passion, they’re likely to engage wholeheartedly.

43. Lust

Beyond its sexual connotations, lust represents a strong desire or enthusiasm for something. Products that can spark or satisfy this emotion can be incredibly alluring.

44. Vanity

Our self-image matters to us. Products or services that can enhance our looks or status in the eyes of others can be persuasive and ultra-potent.

44 Killer Emotions That Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers-vanity

Final Thoughts on These 44 Killer Emotions That Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Persuasive copywriting is all about understanding the emotional triggers that move your prospects. Harness these 44 killer emotions in your copy, and watch as your prospects transform into enthusiastic buyers. 

Remember, people are driven by their feelings. If you can tap into these emotions effectively, you can persuade without being salesy and build genuine connections with your audience.

Your journey into the heart of your customers begins now. With the power of these emotions in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to becoming a master of persuasive copywriting.

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