If you’re looking for persuasive copywriting emotions that drive action…

You’re in the right place.

In this post, I’m sharing my favourite 44 emotional hot-buttons that I use in my copywriting and you can use to boost your bottom line today … even if you’re not a good writer.

So, if you’re looking to turn your browsers into buyers—without being too salesy—read on…


My List of Emotions That Drive Action – Drive Sales – Boost Your Profits

  1. Money – Make more money – Save money – Invest money
  2. Irresistible bargain
  3. Greed
  4. Power
  5. Fear
  6. Danger
  7. Revenge
  8. Sex, love, intimacy, fetish, attracting the opposite sex, attracting the same sex
  9. Accumulating valuable and beautiful possessions
  10. Protecting family and possessions
  11. Security in old age
  12. Recognition, pride, ego
  13. Retirement security
  14. Friendship
  15. Improving health – reducing weight – improving appearance
  16. Survival and eternal life
  17. Acceptance – respect – prestige – gaining praise and popularity
  18. Fame
  19. Self-improvement
  20. Parental success
  21. Career success
  22. Marital success
  23. Safeguarding reputation
  24. Freedom from worry
  25. Patriotism, duty, honour
  26. Saving time, work, effort
  27. Being lazy
  28. Fun, enjoyment, leisure
  29. Increasing comfort
  30. Expressing individuality
  31. Avoiding pain, hardships & nastiness
  1. Escaping criticism
  2. Satisfying curiosity
  3. Satisfying appetites – gluttony (excess in eating and boozing)
  4. Physical hunger/thirst
  5. Anger
  6. Salvation
  7. Envy
  8. Guilt
  9. Benevolence
  10. Desperation
  11. Passion
  12. Lust
  13. Vanity

Learning how to influence your prospects through persuasive copy is an essential copywriting skill. Without it, you rely on nothing but a product’s merit. And that’s rarely enough to get the sale.

But when you use the emotional hot-buttons above you can transform your sales pages into an invisible salesperson that sells more of your products and services, without your involvement.

Which of the above persuasive copywriting emotions will you try first?

Will you convey authority? Or will you use lust? Please leave a comment below.

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 Greg “Emotional Copy Rocks” Noland

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