Thank you for those of you who have emailed me since the 25 Day Success Challenge started. (If you can’t find my email on the website you can use this email to contact me:

The feedback I have been receiving in the last few days points to what happens after the 25 days are finished. It seems that some people are concerned about slipping back into the bad habits so today is all about 6 Habits of Successful People so you’ll know exactly how to live your life even after this challenge.

I try to not read the newspapers as much as I used to as they are generally filled with depressing nonsense. But on the occasions I do it is clear that there are a lot of people who are ignorant on where financially successful people get their money from.

The true fact is that there are far more self-made millionaires than any other group of rich people. They got off their backsides, and instead of complaining about their situation and being poor they worked hard and made something for themselves.

However, one point I would like to make out, the 25 Day Success Challenge is not just about getting rich. Although I do have training courses which help people make a living online (

The 25 Day Success Challenge is about more than making money, although there is nothing wrong with making money. Some imbeciles think it is impossible to make money without stepping on people, and doing a lot of harm to others.

Well, they know nothing about entrepreneurism and building a business. And if you stick with the 25 Day Success Challenge over the full 25 days you’ll learn that this challenge is about much more than money.

If you study enough Self-Made Millionaires as I have you’ll learn that there are certain traits and habits among most of them.

So to save you quite a few years research here are my top 6 Habits of Successful People.

  1. Every successful person I have met and researched seems to have a coach or mentor. When you think clearly it makes perfect sense. All successful singers, actors, sportsmen, and presidents have at least one coach, so why not you?
  2. Day 5 of the 25 Day Success Challenge was Creating Your Dream Life. Successful people know where they are going. They have planned out what they want out of life. Once they know what they want they can plan for it. I’ll cover Project Planning later.
  3. Successful people set goals and use ‘To Do Lists’. This is part of Project Planning which will come later in this Challenge.
  4. Successful people read. With the popularity of audio books you can never kid yourself ever again that you can’t read. I also covered this on Day 4: Driving To A Marketing Education. Only muppets and excuse makers don’t read. Oh, yes, and unsuccessful people. So if you don’t want to be one of them, READ. You should be reading at least 30 minutes per day learning something in your field. Most of your competition is not so you can get ahead of them. The rest of your competition is reading so you have to at least keep up with them.
  5. Successful people master time. We all have 24 hours in one day, so why is it that some people can work so much, get so much done, and still have time to hit the gym and socialize? It’s what we do with our set of 24 hours which really determines how successful we are. I will also be covering this crucial area in the days ahead. So make sure you check back in and learn the secrets of successful daily planning.
  6. The last Habit of Successful People today is that successful people learn how to condition their minds. I have tried to show you the benefits of Incantations from Day 1 as they are so important to your success. If you stick at developing your Incantations every morning, just think where you will be in 3 months, in 6 months. You will have Mastered Mind Conditioning. You will be battle ready, and face every day with determination and focus.

There are obviously more Habits of Successful People but I don’t want to give you too many at once. Even SAS and Navy Seal trainees are given their training in bite sized, manageable chunks.

Ok, that’s the end of Day 9 of  25 Day Success Challenge. Go back to the beginning and read through today’s information at least once. Take some notes. Then make a conscious effort to implement the ideas into your new life.

See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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