Welcome to Day 12 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Good morning, it’s not yet 5am, but I have just done my morning rituals and I feel on fire!

My mission is always to deliver and make a difference in your life. So as I was doing my morning rituals I kept thinking about how I can best help you achieve success in your life, and crank up the 25 Day Success Challenge.

And I thought how for you to achieve success you need as much knowledge of what defines success. How can you build a solid foundation for your success?

If you don’t understand success it will be much harder to achieve it.

So let’s dive straight in.

Today I want to talk about the scientific side of building a successful life.

For a success formula to be labelled “scientific” it must be replicable by many other people.

To be dubbed a “formula,” the steps must be specific enough for anyone to understand them. If a scientific experiment cannot be repeated by someone else to produce the same results, then the formula involved is not yet “scientific.”
The success formula you are learning in the 25 Day Success Challenge can be applied by anyone who wants to achieve radical success in their life. For example, earning a six-figure income, becoming a millionaire, finding your dream partner, shaping the body of your dreams, and being much more content on a daily basis.

The results you will achieve using this scientific formula will vary, because not everyone wants the same goals. Plus some people will be really motivated and implement all the strategies and tactics I show them from day one. Some are more ambitious than others, so they will use the 25 Day Success Challenge to reach bigger goals.

Ultimately, this is a scientific success formula not only to achieve goals, but to surpass the achievement level and go beyond to self-mastery. Thus, the 25 Day Success Challenge has been created to help you achieve:

  1. Emotional and spiritual mastery
  2. Physical mastery
  3. Relationship mastery
  4. Career and business mastery
  5. Financial mastery
  6. Time mastery

This follows on from yesterday’s Wheel of Life. (If you didn’t see it, CLICK HERE).

You’ll notice that I have reduced the 8 areas from yesterday into 6 areas. This is to help you focus even harder on specific areas, and help you build an Action Plan.

Once you master your life, then you’ll break free of the chains that hold you back from doing what you’re meant for.

Here are some questions to help you breakthrough your obstacles to success:

  1. Do you have a success formula that you consistently follow to achieve your most important goals in your life?
  2. Is your life in balance right now? Or are you out of balance? Maybe you’ve got success in one area of life, but in another area you’re struggling.

The purpose of the Wheel of Life task on Day 11 was to help you realize where your life needs you to focus on. Maybe your health is in order, but your finances are a mess.

Or, maybe you have Success in your relationships, but your career path is all wrong.

So the Wheel of Life is foundational to your success.  Call it science or mastering nature, mastery in the following areas will surely help you live a successful life.

  1. Emotional and spiritual mastery – Mastering our emotions, heart and our mind help us understand our purpose and awareness in this world.
  2. Physical mastery – Your attitude to your health is crucial for a successful life. Not just in exercise, but in what you drink, eat and the amount of rest and sleep you have.
  3. Relationship mastery – Friends, family and the person you decide to live with are the most important people in your life. Therefore it is crucial your relationships with them are as strong as possible. Not easy as an entrepreneur, but it is vital to master this area for a balanced life.
  4. Career and business mastery – The majority of people I coach want help with their business and career situation. This is why I specialize in helping my clients set up their businesses.
  5. Financial mastery – Even if you don’t want to become a millionaire, it will be much harder to help anyone else without mastering your finances.
  6. Time mastery – This is crucial to your success. If you have full control of your time, you can achieve more in two years what someone else could take 20, or a lifetime.

That’s all for Day 12 of the 25 Day Success Challenge. Spend some time to really think hard about the 6 Areas of Mastery above.


Can you devise a plan to strengthen your life in the areas you feel are weak?


See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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