Welcome to Day 11 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

I hope you are seeing some real valuable differences in your life since you started the 25 Day Success Challenge.  

Remember, knowledge is power, but information can be overpowering.

So please take each day step by step, and don’t move on to the next day until you have implemented all of the tasks I give you. Otherwise, you will NOT make rapid changes to your life, and you’ll see no benefits.

Do you get that? Ok, cool, let’s move on.

Today I want to talk about balance in your life. Most people’s lives are constantly busy.

Often you put all your energy into one project, but then neglect other areas.

You might have some important exams coming up, or a major contract to deal with in your business. So you put all your energy into that area of your life, but then forget your health, your family, and your friends. Yes, you have to put extra energy into these important tasks which come up, but if you want to be truly successful, you need to master how to balance your life. Otherwise you’ll become frustrated and stressed.

This is when you need to step back and take a bird’s eye view of your life. Sometimes called ‘checking your life from 10,000 feet’. This is where the wheel of life can be really useful. Take a look at this wheel of life below: wheel of life, 25 day success challenge

 As you can see this person’s life is not very balanced. The lower portion, ‘Social Life, Relationships, Family, Health’, look very balanced and in order.

However, the upper portion covering ‘Environment, Business, Finance, Personal Growth’ need more work to help balance out their life.

Your Wheel of Life Start by downloading our free wheel of life worksheet The 25 Day Success Challenge-worksheet.

You’ll find a blank Wheel of Life.

How to Use Your Wheel of Life

On the worksheet I have labeled each section, ‘Social Life, Relationships, Family, Health, Environment, Business, Finance, Personal Growth’. You can use these categories or swop out for another category of your life which is more important to you.

However, these categories will give you a good place to start building your first Wheel of Life.  

Step 1: Assess Each Category

Look at each of the 8 categories and ask yourself, “How successful do I feel in this area”.

“Do I need to work more on this area of my life to truly feel successful”.

Consider each category and draw a line between the numbers of each portion of the wheel. So, taking ‘Environment’ as an example, do you feel you are really happy with your current living and working environment?

Do you feel you need to move house? Move to a new area?

Are you happy at work?

If you work from home, is your working environment conducive to producing your best work?

If you feel your Environment is just ‘ok’ perhaps draw a line joining the two number 5’s.

Then move on to Business and follow the same procedure by asking yourself some really quality questions about that area of your life.

Step 2: Shade The Areas

Now shade in the areas around your wheel. Do you think your life looks and feels balanced?

Step 3: Your Ideal Life

Remember Day 5 of the 25 Day Success Challenge: Creating Your Dream Life?

If you missed it CLICK HERE.

Remember I asked you what your Extraordinary Life looks like? I hope you answered the questions I gave you on Day 5 and now have a better idea of what you really want in life. I know it’s hard.  

Practically everyone I coach is not really sure what their Extraordinary Life looks like.

This is why I designed the 25 Day Success Challenge. After completing this challenge, as long as you put your whole heart into it, you’ll have much more clarity, direction and focus in your life.  

Step 4: Action Plan

Next comes the juicy bit. Now you know which areas of your life are lagging behind the rest, it is time to consider your action plan.

Which areas of your life need attention and what steps are you going to take?

Remember that you might be hitting one area of your life too hard, too early. So you might have an 8 or a 9 in that area already, but only 2 or 3 in another area.

Therefore, you might have to ease off the gas a little in the 8 or a 9 area, and focus more attention in the category which only has a 2 or 3.

Now, you have identified the areas that require your focus, you need an action plan. How can you improve the weak areas?

How can you devote more energy and focus to these areas?   Write down 3 steps on your worksheet where you must start focussing on to regain balance in my life. For this step you just need to think of 3 action steps, but make them life changing.

So sit in a quiet room, away from noise and light. And visualize your Ideal Life, your Dream Life. As you visualize, jot down some notes and decide on 3 major action steps.  

That’s all for today.

Well, done for completing Day 11 of the 25 Day Success Challenge.

I’ll have more work on your Actions Steps to come during the next few days of the 25 Day Success Challenge.  

See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

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