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Are you a savvy copywriter and budding online entrepreneur?

If you’re wondering how to get that edge to make your copywriting business soar, you’re in the right place. 

Today, I wanna dive deep into Divi—the website building software that can be a game-changer for you.

Don’t believe me? 

Stick around and find out how Divi can elevate your copywriting business.

Why Divi is the Perfect Match for Copywriters

If you think website building software is all about design, you’re missing the big picture. Divi is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality and convenience—things all copywriters need.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is money, especially for copywriters who juggle multiple clients and tight deadlines. Divi offers pre-designed templates and modules that you can customise within minutes. No more fumbling around with codes!

High Customizability

Every copywriter is unique. You have your own style and set of services that you offer. Divi allows you to showcase that uniqueness through its highly customizable features. Your website can be as unique as your writing voice.

SEO Benefits

In the copywriting business, visibility is everything. Divi comes with built-in SEO tools that can help you get ahead in search engine rankings.

Getting Started with Divi

You’ve got the passion and the skills; now, let’s get you started on the first step of your Divi journey.

1. Installation is a Breeze

Literally, all it takes is a few clicks to install Divi. Even a non-techie can get it up and running in less than 10 minutes.

2. Choose a Template or Start from Scratch

Divi’s extensive library offers a plethora of templates tailored for different niches. Of course, you can also start from scratch if you’re feeling adventurous.

3. Drag, Drop, Done!

Once you’ve picked a template, or decided to go freestyle, Divi’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it super easy to add elements to your web page.

Elevate Your Copywriting Business with Divi’s Key Features 

Divi has a myriad of features designed to make your life easier and your website better. Let’s explore some of the key elements that will be invaluable to your copywriting business.

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is the heart of the Divi ecosystem. It’s what you’ll be using to build and edit your website, and the good news is, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

A. Visual Editor

One of the best parts about Divi is the visual editor that allows you to see changes in real-time. Want to change a color, font, or even a layout? Simply make your edits, and see the changes right away.

B. Inline Text Editing

Divi allows you to click into your page and start typing. It feels like you’re editing a Word document.

Divi Theme Options

Divi Theme Options offer global controls that can help you manage your entire website’s look and functionality from a single panel. Say goodbye to going through each page one by one.

A. General Settings

From setting up your site’s favicon to customizing your website’s layout, you can handle it all here.

B. SEO Tab

Remember how important SEO is for your copywriting business? Divi has an entire tab dedicated to SEO where you can fill in meta descriptions, titles, and even integrate Google Analytics.

Drinks break…

Take a big gulp of water. Because elevating your copywriting business is thirsty work…

So, many copywriters and entrepreneurs don’t drink enough water. How do you expect to do your best work when your brain is dehydrated?

Take another big gulp and let’s crack on…

I’ve just scratched the surface of what Divi can do for your copywriting business. 

From its ease of installation to its array of features tailored to make your life easier, Divi truly has it all.

Next, I’ll discuss more advanced features and how Divi can be the ultimate tool for client acquisition.

So, what are you waiting for? The first step to elevating your copywriting business is just a few clicks away!


Divi for Client Acquisition and Retention

After the hard work you’ve put into setting up your Divi website, it’s time to focus on arguably the most important aspect of any business—getting clients. Let’s dive into how Divi can assist you in this area.

4. Landing Pages that Convert

In the world of digital marketing, a landing page can be the difference between a potential client and a missed opportunity. Divi offers a selection of customizable landing page templates designed to convert.

A. One-Click A/B Testing

Do you have two different headlines and can’t decide which one will captivate your target audience? No problem! Divi’s one-click A/B testing lets you figure out what’s working and what’s not.

B. Built-in CTA Buttons

Divi’s landing pages come with built-in Call-to-Action buttons. It’s just another way Divi is tailored for your copywriting business.

divi-website-building-software for busy freelancers
Build your freelance website with divi

5. The Email Opt-In Module

Building an email list is crucial for any copywriting business. Divi’s Email Opt-In Module integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

A. Customize to Fit Your Brand

The Email Opt-In Module can be customized to fit the look and feel of your brand, providing a cohesive user experience.

B. Targeted Messages

Send out targeted messages to your email list, offering them valuable content, discounts, or whatever suits your business strategy.

How Divi Can Elevate Your Copywriting Business with SEO

6. Blogging with Divi

If content is king, Divi is the castle. The platform offers intuitive blog modules and layouts that make content creation a breeze.

A. Rich Media Integration

Divi allows you to easily add videos, audio, and images to your blog posts, enhancing user experience.

B. On-the-Go Editing

Thanks to Divi’s responsive design, you can make quick edits to your blog posts from your mobile device. It’s a great way to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

7. SEO Tools for Better Ranking

We touched on SEO earlier, but let’s go deeper. Divi’s SEO tools are designed to make your website more visible on search engines.

A. Metadata Management

With Divi, you can easily manage the metadata for your pages and posts, giving you a leg-up in search engine rankings.

B. XML Sitemaps

Divi also allows for easy creation and submission of XML sitemaps to Google, further improving your website’s SEO.

So, there you have it. Divi isn’t just a tool for creating beautiful websites; it’s a comprehensive platform geared towards making your copywriting business a resounding success. Stay tuned for the next part where we’ll explore Divi’s advanced features and how to maintain your website for long-term success.


Advanced Divi Features to Elevate Your Copywriting Business

8. E-commerce Capabilities

Maybe you’re not just offering services. Maybe you’ve got an e-book or an online copywriting course to sell. Divi can handle that with grace.

A. WooCommerce Integration

Divi offers flawless WooCommerce integration, allowing you to set up a shop page and start selling products directly from your website.

B. Payment Gateways

Accept payments through multiple channels without leaving your Divi environment. Talk about convenience!

9. Social Media Integration

Social proof is a massive factor for clients when choosing a copywriter. Divi makes it easy to link and display your social media profiles.

A. One-Click Social Buttons

Add your social media buttons to the footer or header of your website with just a click.

B. Sharing Made Easy

Each blog post can feature social sharing buttons, making it effortless for readers to share your insights, thus increasing your online exposure.

10. Ongoing Support and Community

One of the overlooked benefits of choosing Divi is the vast community of users and developers who contribute to its ecosystem.

A. Regular Updates

The Divi team consistently updates its features and fixes any bugs, ensuring your website is always running smoothly.

B. Extensive Documentation and Tutorials

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the Divi platform, the plethora of tutorials and documentation will be your best friend.

Final Thoughts on how to Elevate Your Copywriting Business…

Divi offers unparalleled flexibility, robust features, and a supportive community, making it the best website-building software for any serious copywriter or online entrepreneur. 

If you’re looking to elevate your copywriting business, look no further. With Divi, you’re not just building a website; you’re building a brand, an image, and most importantly, a lucrative future.

A. Budget-Friendly

Let’s not forget that Divi is incredibly budget-friendly, offering a high ROI for freelancers and small business owners alike.

B. The Sky’s the Limit

With Divi, your creative limitations are truly pushed to the boundaries. Whatever you can imagine, you can create.

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By now, it should be big time clear why Divi is the ultimate theme for freelancers, especially copywriters. But in fact, Divi is perfect for anyone who has an online business. And doesn’t want to waste their valuable time messing around with badly designed web building software.

From client acquisition and SEO to advanced features like e-commerce and social media integration, Divi has it all.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Make the leap and start your journey with Divi today!

You won’t regret it.


Now, go and Build Your Freelance Website with Divi…

Always Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland


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