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  1. SAVE UP TO 30% RIGHT NOW!!!!

Here are two red flags instantly. You should know by now, using all caps is the equivalent to screaming at your prospects. Keep your punctuation to a minimum. Using four exclamation points won’t make your sale more enticing.

2. Cyberspace

It’s not 1985. If you need to refer to the Internet, avoid ancient terms like cyberspace or information superhighway, unless you’re being sarcastic.

3. Look inside

You often see this phrase used in subject lines. Don’t you think you’re stating the obvious? It’s a no brainer that your prospect has to look inside to read about your offer. Skip these two words, and just get to the point.

4. Guaranteed

I’d be careful using this word as nothing in life is guaranteed. ‘Guarantee’ on the other hand is completely different.

5. Final days to save

This phrase is way too vague. How many days are left in your sale? Use the power of specificity, every time to frame all your deals.

6. Huge

Every offer you make should be huge. Try be a little more imaginative and get your thesaurus out for Pete’s sake.

7. Hassle-free

Sure, the phrase seems positive, but I’d refrain from associating “hassle” with your business. Think of ten alternatives, then take your pick.

8. Groundbreaking

While “groundbreaking” might sound impressive to you. I reckon it’s an instant turn off. Way too over-used. Again, get your thinking cap on for something better.

9. Once in a lifetime

This might be one of my number one worst phrases to use. Total naff cliché, and most likely completely untrue.

10. Hurry

Yes, you want to encourage customers to act fast, but this word is overused and doesn’t pack as much punch as “Act now” or “Limited-time offer.”


Do you have any favourite words that you think always stimulate action with your prospects? Likewise, do you have any words you hate seeing being used?

I’d love to hear from you. Please share them in the comment section below.


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