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If you are a serious marketer, you will be always testing. Brian Moran at Samcart is the king of testing. Today I’d like to share with you some of the expert experience Brian has with testing, and to prove without a doubt, what IS costing you sales.

You must have heard the term “shopping cart abandonment” a bazillion times and why it hurts your sales, so I’d like to show you exactly what it is and why you MUST take notice.

We’ll look at a few great checkout pages and a few terrible ones. And finally, we’ll show you how you can reduce abandonment from your shopping cart and and increase your sales ASAP!

Check out our video below, and keep reading to see how easy it is to pull 20% more conversions out of the shopping cart traffic you already have!

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

This term gets thrown around a lot, but we think it is worthwhile to do a quick refresher on shopping cart abandonment and what exactly we mean when we talk about it. Shopping cart abandonment is what happens on the final stretch of a purchase when a user is in your checkout process and fail to complete the transaction.

This can happen for a variety of reasons stretching from promotional codes not working, to distracting navigation and competing offers in the header and footer of the checkout pages.

Normal Web Page

A normal web page will have a variety of navigation, a good mix of media and text and generally be a diverse environment for a user to find what they are looking for.

Our homepage for example gives users plenty of options for navigation and content without being overwhelming.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Samcart

However, when you are talking about shopping carts and checkout pages, this is not ideal, it gives users too many ways to get distracted, have second thoughts etc.

Awful Shopping Cart

If you take a look at this shopping cart, we have highlighted the actual checkout content in blue, and the non-checkout content in red.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - example-bad-shopping-cart

You’ll notice that about three quarters of this page serve no purpose in getting users closer to a checkout, and just distracts them which will lose sales big time.

When people are shopping, they also will want to compare and may find a better deal, or a different vendor than the one who they were already so close to purchasing from.

Keep reading for an example of a professional, cash generating checkout page and what you can do to increase your conversions in one simple step!

Powerful Shopping Cart

The shopping cart below is one of the awesome Samcart templates they are very proud of, and rightly so.

You will notice it has no distractions or offsite links anywhere on the page to distract or slow down shoppers, and it’s a linear path straight through to a conversion.

Beating Shopping Cart Abandonment - A Samcart example

With years of online marketing under their belts, SamCart is putting everything they’ve learned into play to help SamCart users beat industry average checkout rates by 20%.

It’s as easy as implementing a shopping cart that follows the best practices laid out here and in the video, and will pay off quickly and visibly for you.

Key Points to Takeaway

  • Minimize Navigation: Reduce distractions, competing offers etc. to focus your users and keep them excited.
  • Clean Design: Your landing page should be clean, simple and straight to the point to close the sale.
  • Linear Path: Your page should be a straight path from entry to placing the order, let momentum carry your visitors through.

What Should You Do Now?

I know you are excited to give Sam Cart a run for its money and get started optimizing and bringing in more sales, so the next thing for you to do is simple if you want to decrease your shopping cart abandonment which you KNOW is killing your business.

Why Don’t You Test SamCart For Free?

Open your Samcart account today, and take advantage of this brand new tool, while also getting instant access to all of SamCart’s other conversion boosting features.

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And see why thousands of other business owners are switching to SamCart.

I’d love to hear your feedback as always, so please comment below to let me know what you are currently doing to reduce cart abandonment, and share any insights of your own. I love talking marketing with you!


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