If you’ve followed any of my blogs over the last few years you’ll be well aware that I’m a great promoter of having a coach. All the most successful people in any walk of life have a coach, or two. At the moment, I actually have two very big hitters in the marketing world as my coaches. And I know at least one of them has a very famous name in online marketing coaching him.

However, what I want to teach you in this part of the book came from a coach I had a few years ago. His name is Michael Bolduc and Brian Tracy calls him “the World’s #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals!”

What Michael taught me was that “Success Leaves Clues”. Do you understand what that means? It is one of the simplest but most powerful ideas I think I can pass on to you. If you learn the methods that someone else used to succeed, then you can do the same thing! Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to find the Super Affiliate you want to emulate and do whatever he is doing?

During Michael’s coaching he also taught me the ‘Science of Achievement Formula’ and that truly changed my life. He showed me that without a proven model for success it would be much harder to succeed.

Therefore, I have two questions for you:

  • Whose success clues are you studying?
  • Whose model are you duplicating?

I guess like most people you are not following a plan and don’t have a model to follow, but that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just be thankful you’ve found this article, and promise yourself you are going to take action from today forward.

I would advise you to choose one Super Affiliate and find out what he has done, and is doing to succeed. Then you can model him and begin implementing his strategies. Don’t chase after and try multiple models and try “a little of this and that.”

Pick one model and implement it. Consistent action is crucial!

There are many successful Super Affiliates for you to follow online. But how do you know which one to follow?

Here Are 3 Things To Look For In A Model For Online Success:

  1. It should show you how to target a hungry online market.2. It should reveal to you powerful ways to generate website traffic.3. It should teach you how to convert prospects into customers.

These 3 things should help you find a Super Affiliate to follow.  The huge, crucial step though is to take consistent action and actually implement your success model!


Always Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland



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