I‘ve had the privilege of being trained by some of the world’s top marketers in my time. Did they cost a pretty penny? Of course they did, quality doesn’t come cheap you know.

But it’s like anything in life. If you do the right research, and find out who truly is the ‘dog’s bollocks’, and not just some ‘prince of phony’, they aren’t going to give their time and secrets away for peanuts.

I’ve read plenty of posts on marketing forums to know a lot of people’s opinions of some of the gurus. Many people mysteriously believe these masters of their craft should help them for free. And resent them paying high fees for their personal coaching.

I think the golden rule here is “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

If you can’t or won’t pay the gurus of marketing fees, then put the hard slog in to learn the craft yourself.

They didn’t become gurus or masters of their craft by sitting on their asses and moaning.

Likewise, if you can’t afford an Aston Martin, stop the bitchin’ and go buy a second hand Honda Jazz, like your hairdresser.


Can You and Will You Pay the Gurus’ Coaching Fees?

Ok, so you’ve gone ahead and stumped up the greenbacks for a guru’s coaching fees.

The golden nugget now is, their wealth of experience IS WORTHLESS if you do nothing with it. And if you concentrate hard on implementing what they are teaching you, you WILL see results.


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“How Do You Know Who The World’s Top Marketers Are?”

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Over these years I’ve realised there are certain characteristics that the world’s top marketers possess.

Are you ready to discover these crucial success traits?  Come on, let’s dive in…


#1. All of the world’s top marketers are process orientated

They don’t hop from one shiny object promo to the next. (Have you noticed I’ve sent a few emails about this already?)

They have a process, a system and a series of steps they follow every day. (Refer to my advice about having a solid strategy)


#2. All of the world’s top marketers stand out from the crowd

They have a special way of resonating with their audience which gets their messages read, not deleted. They don’t follow the status quo, and try their best to develop their own style.


#3. The world’s top marketers understand they must keep learning

They realize commissions are created by using new, fresh and innovative ideas to stay one step ahead of the affiliate zombie army. Smart marketers read a lot, and find the knowledge they need by any means possible. And this gels well with my next point…


#4. The world’s best marketers have a coach (or two)

Whether they admit it or not, I know for a fact a lot, if not most, of the world’s top marketers have a coach. If you think about it, no one knows everything. None of the top marketers have all the knowledge they need to stay at the top of their game.

I know having the discipline to push yourself to learn as much as possible will be a hell of a lot easier if you have a coach to guide you.


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This brings the end to this blog post, and I hope I have helped you to see the wood for the trees. Make a difference for yourself and your family and grab Dean Holland’s Big Commission Training right now, and start turning the corner that leads to your success…




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