If you truly are serious about becoming a king of marketing, you MUST follow everything the great Dan Kennedy does.

He is mountains above all the so-called ‘marketing goo-roos’ touting their ‘stuff’ to you every day.

Dan Kennedy

Copyblogger thinks so highly of Dan Kennedy, that they have a 5 Part Series on him, titled,

“14 Lessons Learned from One of the World’s Highest-Paid Copywriters” Click HERE to read Part One.

Here is a brief snapshot of Dan Kennedy’s logic in business…

This is what you want to do for prospective clients and then again for the new clients with the work you do: show them something as revolutionary and amazing to them as fire must have been to the caveman. The good news is, it doesn’t take that much. Most business owners, corporate executives, even marketing directors still wear, as Paul Newman put it in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, bifocals, not binoculars. They don’t look far afield. They are myopic. They have scotomas.

When you show them a thoughtful, probative diagnostic process for unearthing opportunities and organizing marketing priorities or at least gathering comprehensive raw material before writing copy, it’ll be fire to the cavemen. When you show them a variety of approaches to each component of a marketing campaign, it’ll be fire to the cavemen – and this can be fascinating fire indeed. For example, most give zero consideration to the envelope. Most (small businesses) will take whatever sales letter or material you write for them and send it in their ordinary business envelope without a thought. An envelope designed like the one shown here (MY NOTE: there’s a great innovative envelope shown at the bottom of the page) would never occur to them in a million years – unless you show it to them. And if you show them faux Express mail, window with personalized check, odd size, odd shape, odd color … options of clever, mysterious teaser copy (like – PHOTOS ENCLOSED. DO NOT BEND) … explain the A-pile/B-pile theory … even suggest a split test, then you will truly be The Wizard of Fire …


I’ve been an inner circle member on Planet Dan for almost ten years now, and it’s the best discovery I ever made in marketing. And he’s the only ‘man’ I subscribe to on a monthly basis, for good reason. If you are not an Inner Circle Member, you will probably hear a lot of his advice in 3-5 years as his advice filters down to the ‘goo-roos’ you currently subscribe to.

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If you’re smart, and if you’re reading my blog I guess you are, because dumb asses aren’t allowed in this territory…

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