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If you want to make serious money from your website, you need your own products to sell. You don’t have control over affiliate marketing programs.

And, they often come and go.

They’re just not a reliable source of income for your business.

When you sell your own products and services, not only do you have complete control, but you can do some good.

Your experience, knowledge, and insight can help your audience. Sounds great, right? But there’s a challenge: How do you handle sales?

When I first started online in 1995, we never had the software that’s around today. It took hours to develop a system and cost thousands of dollars.

Luckily today, there are tons of shopping cart software options to choose from, including Shopify, WooCommerce, SamCart, and one you may not have heard of before — ThriveCart.

ThriveCart specializes in delivering digital and subscription services.

And Thrivecart offers a simple checkout process, and you can even use the software to set up a sales funnel.

Advantages of Thrivecart

  • Flexible Payment Options — ThriveCart can handle practically any online payment method.
  • Easy To Use — You can be up and selling within a few hours.
  • Upsell/Downsell/Bump — ThriveCart offers many ways to increase the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing — ThriveCart’s affiliate marketing program has many options and is built into the service.
  • Great Customer Service — I’ve had all issues resolved relatively quickly.
  • Cheap — And of course ThriveCart is a one-time fee that could save you thousands in annual fees.

Possible Disadvantages to Thrivecart

If you’re going to invest in Thrivecart, you might as well get the Pro version – So that’s an initial outlay of $690. Of course, not everyone can pay that straight out of the gate. I get that.

  • So, Big Upfront Cost — ThriveCart charges a one-time fee, rather than breaking it down into monthly payments. (I am trying to get my subscribers a multi-pay option). The longer you use Thrivecart, the more you save.
  • Might Not Be The Best With Physical Products — If you are selling physical products, you should use Samcart.

Best Things About ThriveCart

There are tons of “must-have” features within ThriveCart. In this review, I’ll only scratch the surface of options available by highlighting just the key features.

Payment Options and Coupons

This is one area where I think ThriveCart rocks. Whether you’re selling a digital product with a one-time payment or a membership with a monthly fee, ThriveCart will let you do it.

  • One-time fee
  • Multiple payment plans (split-pay) Love it!
  • Free trial periods
  • Limited product quantities
  • Subscription options
  • Name your price
  • Automatic sales tax

If you can think of a payment option, ThriveCart can do it.

Coupons are another area where ThriveCart does great. You can offer a limited number of coupon codes with an expiration date. Not only can you display a coupon field, but you can make the coupon link available only via a URL. So, you can offer a discount to your prospects, but they can’t share their coupon code with others. 

ThriveCart offers these coupon options:

  • Fixed discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Date range of coupon availability
  • Limited amount of times a coupon can be used
  • Triggers when a coupon is used (i.e., email notification)

Upsells, Downsells, and Bump Offers

A simple way to increase the LTV (lifetime value of your customers) is by offering more items to purchase at the time of sale. Think of it like buying chocolate bars or magazines at the checkout in a supermarket. ThriveCart allows you to add upsells, downsells, and bump offerss at the time of purchase.

ThriveCart supports trial offers, multiple payments, and subscriptions, as well. It gives you pretty much every possible option for testing your product and increasing the LTV of your customers.

Multiple Shopping Cart Options

Depending on your price point and type of product, you can design your shopping cart in many ways:

  • Standard — The typical order form page is great for big-ticket items.
  • Sales Cart — A landing page and shopping cart combined into one.
  • Embeddable — Add to an existing page that allows ThriveCart integration.
  • Popup — A button-click popup order form. Great for low-ticket/impulse-buy items.

Design Editor

ThriveCart’s recently added visual drag-and-drop editor makes creating your shopping cart easy. There’s also now the option to share premade ThriveCart templates with others. So you can take what others have learned and tested and apply it to your own cart.

Built-in Affiliate Program

Most marketers I know, don’t use affiliate programs to promote their products. This is nuts in my opinion.

Affiliate programs are an awesome way to sell more of your products — you only pay an affiliate when a visitor converts.

ThriveCart’s affiliate program has functionality that you will love. So there’s no need to purchase a third-party affiliate program when using this software. This alone can save you tons in additional software.

Thrivecart will also allow you to offer exclusive bonuses — a unique feature not seen among even some of the best affiliate systems. It’s an underutilized affiliate marketing technique, but it can help dramatically increase conversions.

Here are some of ThriveCart’s affiliate program features:

  • Manual approval of affiliates
  • Different tiered payouts
  • Automatically scheduled payouts via PayPal
  • Customized rules to perform an action (i.e., subscribe an affiliate to your mailing list when approved and entered into email automation)

Note: ThriveCart’s affiliate program is available only with the “Pro” edition. (But you’re going to get the Pro Version anyway, right?)


Other Features Within Thrivecart

  • A/B Testing — Test any part of your shopping cart sales funnel
  • Countdown Timer — This built-in timer can be fixed or evergreen.
  • Detailed Reporting — Many different options to display orders and subscriptions.
  • External Analytics — You can add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for your order page.
  • Subdomain Option — With a “Pro” account, you can use your own subdomain. This is better for trust and analytics.

How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

Most shopping cart services charge a monthly fee. For example, SamCart starts at $49 per month. Some even charge per transaction — the more sales you do, the more you pay!

Not with ThriveCart.

ThriveCart currently uses two pricing tiers. And the best bit, IF YOU ARE FAST, they cover the lifetime of the service. You pay once, and that’s it. 

Look, I don’t know how long this Lifetime offer will last. T

While ThriveCart states its current pricing may end soon, I’m not so sure. The company has been offering this promotion for the past three-plus years.

Currently, the only way to get ThriveCart is through an affiliate (such as myself). ThriveCart is currently not available through the general website.

  • ThriveCart Standard — $495
  • ThriveCart Pro — $690

The “‘Pro” edition is a much better deal because of the extra features:

  • Affiliate system
  • Dunning (rebilling) for soon-to-be-expired and failed credit card transactions
  • Automatic sale tax calculations
  • JV contracts
  • Custom domain name

The custom domain name feature is a must-have and one of the big reasons to get the “Pro” version. In today’s world of not allowing third-party cookies, you must measure traffic and conversions to your shopping cart. 

By using a subdomain of your primary domain name, it not only looks like part of your website but can also be tracked with analytics. I highly recommend you get the “Pro” edition.

Lastly, if you want to test ThriveCart, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Final Thoughts on Thrivecart

I’ve been using SamCart for years. But I’m loving Thrivecart. Maybe I’m a software junkie.

But I reckon if you need a shopping cart service that works great for any info product, ThriveCart is an awesome choice.

Why don’t you check Thrivecart out today. Remember, you have 30 days to test it. I bet you won’t be giving it back after your 30 days…

Thank me later…


So if you’re ready to boost sales. Save time. And finally live a life of freedom, sign up right now…

You Can Do This. I Know You Can.


Greg Noland

Red Scorpion’s Head Copywriter

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