One summer evening, two Sisters each started a sideline business.

Both sisters were married.

Both had two children under the age of 8.

And both wanted more quality time with their families.

Each sister had read about the potential to make a lot of money in their own business.

Both had bought into money making systems.

And both had made a promise to themselves that they would soon be quitting their day jobs.


big-commission-blueprint-goldFast forward one year when we find the Harris sisters in their hometown for a family reunion.

The sisters chat over a glass of Chardonnay wine and discuss their progress.

Each sister worked several hours on their part-time business during the evenings.

And both were now seeing some income.


The only difference was that one sister was making a few hundred dollars a month while the other was making a few thousand.

“What did you do differently?” asked the sister making the few hundred.

“Well, replied the sister


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“Oh, said the other Sister.


I also heard about Dean Holland’s Big Commission Training.

I thought it was just another online scam and ignored it.

I didn’t even reply and now I kind of wish I had.”

“Hmm, said the successful Sister,

That’s a shame.


Pity you can’t turn back the clock, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is a great pity” said the other Sister who then disappeared back into the reunion, no doubt looking for the next great business opportunity.

The successful Sister relaxed in her chair and had another sip of wine.


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