I came across this interesting blog post this morning, which grabbed my attention because I’ve just bought a product the other day and in their training they discussed a ton of split testing.

What’s in a Number – A Sure Fire Way To Increase Sales

One of the tests was if the final number in a product should be 5, 7, 9 or 0.

Therefore, $47.95 or $47.97 or $47.99 or $47.00

The results surprised me, and surprised them.

What do you think came out the winner?

Before I tell you the answer, this shows the power and importance of testing, as we often use guesswork instead of testing to make our business decisions.

A few self-assessment questions are needed here

Do you believe spilt testing is important?

How much spilt testing do you do?

Some? Not enough? None?

Do you think you need to start doing more spilt testing?


Do Some Research Among Fellow Marketers

Do your partners, colleagues and subscribers use the magic 7?

I bet if you ask them they would not be able to explain why. If there isn’t good reason for it, should we be so gullible?

Is it all down to another internet myth we’re all led to believe will make us rich?

I hope this blog post encourages you to work on your business much more efficiently.


Want to know the answer now to which is the best final digit in a price?

Well, in fact the biggest puller was…$47.00


Spilt Testing Conclusion

Should that be your final price? Would you leave it there?

The next step should probably be to work out which one pulls better out of $45, $47, $49 or a straight $50.

From all the marketing books I’ve read over the last 5 years and I read a lot, between 1 and 3 books a week, we’re all led to believe in the magic number ‘7’.

We’re told that putting a 7 at the end of our prices will magically increase our response, conversion and profits.


But from this extensive testing that could well be a fallacy.

So, how about you? What do you feel about this topic? I’ve love to hear your thoughts. Why don’t you leave your viewpoint in the comment box below? I’d really appreciate your contribution.

Do you believe in the magic number 7 at the end of a price? Does it make you want to buy something more than any other number? I’m pretty sure you’ve bought something with a magic 7 at the end of the price. We all have if you’ve bought anything in marketing over the last few years.


Golden rule – do your own testing.







Always Dedicated to Your Success,

Greg Noland



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