The King is Dead!

One of the greatest boxers that ever lived, and some say the greatest can help us learn a lot about the things we want in life. And in our businesses.

He might have been a heavyweight champion of boxing, and you might be thinking that has nothing to do with your career or business.

But if you think like that, you’d be dead wrong.

Muhammad Ali was adored by his fans, because he worked on that adoration.

And you must too.

You can be adored by your fans (your prospects and customers).

But only if you really help them.

No pussy footin around here bruv. Proper solid help.

Solve their issues and problems.

Can you do that for them?

You darn straight you can – But will you?

You won’t if you carry on that willy, wooly, vanilla marketing you’ve been doing.

You have to do the research, the hard slog, if you’re going to find out their true struggles.

If you’re really going to find out what really worries them. What really frustrates them.

As the great Dan Kennedy always teaches:
“when you find out what keeps your prospects awake at night, then,
and only then can you start providing the content and information
which is truly going to help him”.

Ali did his research – he knew exactly the strengths and weaknesses of every opponent.
And you must too if you really wanna start making an impact in the iM niche.

And if you don’t, why the heck are you here? Go mow the lawn. Trim the hedge. Wash the windows. Anything but pretend you’re really trying to make this thing work.

But if you REALLY are serious, then go wrestle an alligator, go murder a rock!

You can do it all if you can throw thunder in jail!

God bless and RIP the King!


greg-noland-australiaAlways Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland


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