If there’s one gripe I have about internet marketers is when they say they are NOT copywriters. I find that very hard to believe when practically everything we do as entrepreneurs is based around copywriting.

Ok, I get it that they might not be in the league of Halbert, Kennedy or Garfinkel. But they should at least put the effort in to learn the basics.

I’ll get on to describing my golden rule of copywriting in a minute but first of all I need to cover this important point…

Whenever we create anything for our businesses, it is going to come down to how good our copy is. There’s a good reason why David Garfinkel and similar copywriting greats can command big salaries for their sales letters.

That’s because they work. The sales letters they create pull in the profits. All lots of ‘em.

Whether they can command a 6 figure pay day should not concern you, as you should be getting, on average 3 to 9 times as much as them for the same promotion anyway.

But what you should be concerned about is what to do if you can’t afford a copywriting Hall of Famer?

So what should you do?

You get off your ass and learn the nuts and bolts of the profession, that’s what you do.


It’s Either Push or Pull With Copywriting

A sales piece will either move your prospects closer to buying, or it will move them further away.

And just remember, even David Garfinkel was not born a copywriting legend. He put the nine yards in, and then some, to master the copywriting craft.

How about you? What are you doing to master the copywriting craft?

This reminds me of a Gary Halbert seminar I bought years ago. It came on a series of cassette tapes which just shows you how long ago it was.

In one particular exercise, Gary instructed us to copy 500 successful bullets on to small cards. He advised us to look in profit pulling copy like found in magazines like Cosmopolitan and the National Enquirer.

Then once we had our 500 cards with “profit pulling successful bullets”, we should go create 500 more.

Gary rightly knew that few of us would actually go through with this task to completion. But like the copywriting junkie I was back then, I was one of the few to complete the whole task.

As Gary said, I think it implanted a neurological imprint on my mind for writing quality bullets.

And even to this day I still collect mailshots which come through the door. I even have my family members collect likewise, and every time I meet each person I’m rewarded with a big carrier bag of the latest direct response gems.

As promised here’s my golden rule of copywriting, you must take time to do at least one course with one of the Masters of Copywriting.


Masters of Copywriting

I know starting out you will not have $10,000 to pay the fees of the heavy hitters in copywriting. So a massive money saver if taking a short course with one of these ‘champs of copywriting’.

In my opinion, and it’s just that, my opinion. David Garfinkel is one of the world’s greatest copywriters (who’s still living and working).


Here is his copywriting course which will improve your copywriting skills ten fold!!


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