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FREE Training – These last few days I’ve been telling you about Jeff Walker’s annual LIVE Launch Masterclass training…

I know it’s hard to believe…

The mega gurus rarely give away this much value for free…

But he’s already given away close to 10 hours worth of incredible free training about how to take your ideas and turn them into a profitable online business.

Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll find this quality of training selling for $500 or more…

On Monday, he’ll be LIVE with his fourth and final session of this free training series. It’s all about how to make the transition from providing value with your launch… to asking for the sale.

This is something people usually screw up in their launch.

This is the deal – after you’ve done your Prelaunch, you need a way to transition to asking for the sale. That’s going to be one of the main points of this lesson. It’s super important you don’t mess this up!

Jeff will show you an easy, totally “non salesy” way to make this transition… and to have tons of people excited to buy from you.

If you’ve ever felt weird when trying to sell your products or services… and if you want to learn to do it properly– then make sure you sign up for the fourth lesson of the Launch Masterclass.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Lesson 4 of the Launch Masterclass

Remember – this is a LIVE training. Make sure you sign up right now so you don’t miss out.

For your success,

Greg “Jeff Walker’s Shrink Noland


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