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Of course, one of the first things you’ll ask yourself is…

Is ThriveCart really worth the money?

Well, in this post, I hope to help you make that decision.

So, if you create and sell products online, let’s dive in…

A very common question I’m asked is, “Greg, what’s the best way to sell my digital products online?”

Advantages of Thrivecart

  • Flexible Payment Options — ThriveCart can handle practically any online payment method.
  • Easy To Use — You can be up and selling within a few hours.
  • Upsell/Downsell/Bump — ThriveCart offers many ways to increase the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing — ThriveCart’s affiliate marketing program has many options and is built into the service.
  • Great Customer Service — I’ve had all issues resolved relatively quickly.
  • Cheap — And of course ThriveCart is a one-time fee that could save you thousands in annual fees.

What does ThriveCart do?

Basically, ThriveCart was designed to help you to sell products online?

You can also promote your products. Take payments. And a ton more.

The thing I love about ThriveCart is that’s it’s super simple to create checkout pages that convert more clicks into sales.

And you know that means more profits for you. As any experienced marketer knows, you need to be able to create up-sells, down-sells and bump offers. ThriveCart makes these “add-on” sales simple.

The success of any cart software is how well it integrates with all the other apps you use in your business.

So, that means ThriveCart integrates not just with your favourite email marketing software, but also your membership platform, your webinar platform, as well as apps like Zapier.


Why do you need ThriveCart?

If you sell digital products in your business, you’re gonna love ThriveCart. Let’s dig into a few features in ThriveCart I know you’re going to use on every promotion.

1-click Upsells With ThriveCart

If you’re not using upsells in your business, you’re leaving a bunch of money on the table.

If you only have a single product, then you need to start getting creative. If you can’t come up with imaginative ideas by yourself, then get some help.

You could create a questionnaire and then ask a bunch of family or friends.

You can also send a questionnaire to all your current customers and find out what they think will go with your product.

Look, the fact is the best time for your customers to buy something else is when they have just bought something else. They are in ‘buying mode’. They have their credit card in their hand, so to speak. And it’s your job to encourage your prospects to use that card.

That does NOT mean selling them crap.

You MUST offer products that provide value. That help improve their lives.

And with ThriveCart you can easily provide 1-click upsells so your customers can add a second product to their order without them having to plug in their credit card details again.

As the name implies, they simply click the buy button once they are on the upsell page.

This is the easiest way to increase average order value (AOV).

They are in buying mode, so you’d be doing them a disservice if you don’t provide all the products they need.

Some call it “getting a dopamine hit” – I just call it, ‘offering the full package”.

A simple example could be this…

If your primary product is a shaver. The 1-click upsell could be a set of blades.

Or, if your primary product is a workout guide, your 1-click upsell could be a healthy meal plan.

ThriveCart makes this important strategy super simple.

Are you starting to see why 1-click upsells are going to be so important for your business?

As a business owner, you want to reward loyalty.

So why not offer some generous discounts on other products that you think your customers will love?

One word of warning though…

I usually only offer one upsell, sometimes two at the most.

I know many companies offer three, four, even five upsells. That might work for them. And I guess it does, or they wouldn’t do it.

But personally, it annoys the heck out of me, when I have to wade through 4 or 5 upsells.

But I’ll leave that call for you to make.

“Upsells in Thrivecart can add 25% to your profits”

You need to test different variations for your products. Like different combinations of products. Different price points. But the industry standard is roughly an extra bump of 25% to your bottom line when you incorporate 1-click upsells.

What’s The Best 1-Click Upsell in ThriveCart?

It’s very difficult for me to tell you which 1-click upsell will work best for your business because every business is different.

But here are a few things to think about…

Offer more of the same…

A simple example is if you offer a protein powder as your main product, your 1-click upsell could be 2 more tubs at a 30% discount.

Offer the next level…

If your main product is a beginner exercise program, offer the next level as your 1-click upsell.

At the end of your day, your business will struggle with only a single product. So, if this describes your current business, ThriveCart, or any other cart software can’t fix this stumbling block in your business.

Fix this gap first, before investing in ThriveCart.


Bump Offers With ThriveCart

Another great feature in ThriveCart is bump offers.

This feature allows you to increase your profit on every order. Sure, not everyone will take the offer, but bump offers give you another opportunity to increase average order value (AOV).

The fact is, even if only one customer in five takes your offer, over the lifetime of your business, this could mean thousands added to your bottom line.

In my experience, bump offers can add approx. 10-12% extra profit to every campaign.

A simple example of a bump offer is offering the audiobook version of your book, after they’ve purchased the printed version.

Your bump offer will be offered as a checkbox on the checkout page.

Thankfully, ThriveCart makes this super visible to your prospects. And it’s dead simple to add this second product to their order. They don’t need to check out a second time. They just tick the box and continue.

Your goal is to make this a no-brainer offer for your customers so that when they are about to check out, they feel they’d be crazy not to take you up on this bump offer.

A few tips on bump offers in ThriveCart

  1. Make your bump offer closely related to your product subject (like the audiobook example I gave you).
  2. Make sure you don’t price the bump offer higher than your main product.
  3. Think what would sweeten the deal. What would make their whole purchase that much more desirable?

How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

Most shopping cart services charge a monthly fee. For example, SamCart starts at $49 per month. Some even charge per transaction — the more sales you do, the more you pay!

Not with ThriveCart.

ThriveCart currently uses two pricing tiers. And the best bit, IF YOU ARE FAST, they cover the lifetime of the service. You pay once, and that’s it. 

Look, I don’t know how long this Lifetime offer will last. T

While ThriveCart states its current pricing may end soon, I’m not so sure. The company has been offering this promotion for the past three-plus years.

Currently, the only way to get ThriveCart is through an affiliate (such as myself). ThriveCart is currently not available through the general website.

  • ThriveCart Standard — $495
  • ThriveCart Pro — $690

The “‘Pro” edition is a much better deal because of the extra features:

  • Affiliate system
  • Dunning (rebilling) for soon-to-be-expired and failed credit card transactions
  • Automatic sale tax calculations
  • JV contracts
  • Custom domain name

The custom domain name feature is a must-have and one of the big reasons to get the “Pro” version. In today’s world of not allowing third-party cookies, you must measure traffic and conversions to your shopping cart. 

By using a subdomain of your primary domain name, it not only looks like part of your website but can also be tracked with analytics. I highly recommend you get the “Pro” edition.

Lastly, if you want to test ThriveCart, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Final Thoughts on ThriveCart

So, as the title of this post suggested…Should you invest in ThriveCart?

Notice I used the word ‘invest’. Because this is what you are doing.

You’re investing in the leading software in its category.

My suggestion is to grab this offer while it’s available. I’m not sure how long it will be available.

You have a good 30 days to test the software, and my bet is you will NOT be handing it back once your 30 days come to an end.

Please remember to come back here and leave a comment. Or email me with your views and experience.


So if you’re ready to boost sales. Save time. And finally live a life of freedom, sign up right now…

You Can Do This. I Know You Can.


Greg Noland

Red Scorpion’s Head Copywriter

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