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What would you pay to have 49 of the world’s most successful marketers train you personally?

Well, I can’t offer you that, but I’ve got the next best thing.

As I said earlier this week, Bill Glazer, one of the top Direct Response Marketers in the world is launching his new book, OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing That’s Outrageously Successful.

You probably already know who Bill is, but let me remind you. If you’ve heard of GKIC, the Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle, Bill is the ‘G’. It’s probably the most successful business coaching organizations ever created, and it’s helped tens of thousands of business owners just like you and me to grow their businesses.

For the book, Bill got 49 outrageously successful business owners to pull back the curtain on their most successful marketing campaigns. Bill gives you everything: step-by-step instructions, web copy, emails and postcards for you to swipe and deploy.

And ALL THE PROCEEDS from sales of the book are going to a great cause: a not-for-profit that provides care and support for people who have had a stroke (Bill had a stroke himself two years ago, so he knows how important that is!).

If you buy your copy this week, Bill also has an OUTRAGEOUS gift for you.

He’s going to give you his entire launch swipe file: every email, social media post and image that he gave to his launch partners so we could help him promote the book. You can use them as inspiration for your own launch campaigns for ANY product or service. Or you could pay a copywriter THOUSANDS to create them for you. I know which I’d do!

Bill hasn’t put the book on Amazon, because he wants to give as much money as possible to the stroke program (not to Amazon). So you can ONLY get it at



So what are you waiting for?


Get yourself over there right now!

Greg Noland


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