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I personally think one of the best reasons to be a skilled copywriter is that every business needs you. I guess people get into the copywriting business for various reasons.

But for me, I first started studying to be a copywriter when I was the COO of a surfboard company. The initial reason I got into learning the art of copywriting is because here I was working with one of the world’s greatest surfboard designers but I didn’t have a clue about surfing.

Yes, I admit it.

I was a total land lover, but I had the daunting task of creating all the marketing material for the company.

This led me to search for ways to connect with my new group of surfers. I’ll explain how I did that later. Luckily I came across various ‘Gods of Copywriting’ including Kennedy, Makepeace, Halbert and others.

That was 2006, so roughly 13 years ago now. And over these years fortunately some of their ‘magic’ has rubbed off on me.  

Should I Hire A Professional Copywriter?

I think the decision to use a professional copywriter is a hard choice to make for every business owner. My first answer would be, if you want your promotion to be super successful, and you can afford one, then go for it.

But I would say, if you’re at the start of your entrepreneurial life, I would advise to at least do a course or two on copywriting. The reason is I think good copywriting is so important for your business, such a crucial part of your business that I believe you need to become as good as you can be in the copywriting craft.

Plus a dominant factor being, most people starting out in business can’t afford a professional copywriter. If you can afford a copywriter and you don’t have the time to learn copywriting, then find the best copywriter you can afford.  

What If I Can’t Afford A Copywriter?

If you don’t have enough money to pay for a professional copywriter, or you want to learn the copywriting craft, then keep reading as I have a few juicy strategies to help you create mega sales letters.  

Do You Want to Know the Secret Sauce of Copywriting?

Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer from GKIC were the first to introduce me to the importance of the swipe file on one of their Info Summits. And since then I have discovered that every successful copywriter has a bank of swipe files. The very smart copywriters will also organize their swipe files into easily accessible categories.

This is a huge area and perhaps I should write a full blog post just on this copywriting strategy. But I will say a swipe file is a collection of successful sales letters, headlines & sub-heads and bullet points. You can build your collection from “junk mail” through the door, websites, magazines and newspapers.

It could also be argued that your potential to be a successful copywriter depends on the quality of your swipe file collection. If you are man enough to admit you don’t yet have a Swipe File – you should get started today. I think one big mistake marketers often make is that they do not save the “junk mail” that comes through their door.  

How Do I Know Which Junkmail To Keep?

I think one of the easiest ways to decide if the junkmail coming through your door is a successful marketing piece is if you keep seeing it. A company would be pretty daft if they keep spending thousands on printing the same flyer if it isn’t successful.

I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of companies out there who don’t pour their hard earned money down the drain, but it is usually a clear sign. Some marketing campaigns can go on for years, with very few if any tweaks, if it’s still pulling. However, in my experience almost every piece of junkmail coming through my door can help initiate an idea for my next promotion.

And a super crucial point I must make here is, and one I see so many marketers get wrong, is thinking the promotion they should swipe has to be in their direct niche.


And piece of marketing material, in absolutely any niche, can be of value to you.’ Understand this mega crucial point, and you will be in front, of most of your market. But the whole beauty of a swipe file to me is any campaign can help twig an idea for your business and your niche.  

What Is The Biggest Mistake People Make With Swipe Files?

In my experience the biggest mistake people make is sorting through a wad of marketing material looking for a similar business to their own. So when the home security flyer comes through their door, or for garden gazebos, but they are in a completely different business, they will throw all their flyers in the bin.

NO!! This is nuts!!

You must understand that every business in the SAME.

We are all trying to find prospects to buy our products and services. Every flyer, catalogue or marketing piece can be of use to your business whatever it is. Remember this point, it’s crucial!  

“Good headlines are good headlines”

Remember, you can find quality swipe files everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

If you live in London and use the Tube, you’re blessed.

Above your head are tons of valuable headlines.

But it doesn’t matter where you live, keep your eyes open and find the inspiration for your next blog post, sales letter, or promotion.    

Always Dedicated to Your Success,

Greg Noland 


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