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This blog post is devoted to my new online shopping cart software called SamCart.

SamCart is the brainchild of Brian Moran who is a very successful internet marketer.

He is behind the “Get 10,000 Fans” system.

I have been looking for a better shopping cart system for a couple of months, and after watching a webinar on Samcart I decided to give it a blast.

I haven’t used tons of shopping carts but I have a lot of experience with VirtueMart for Joomla, and WooCommerce for Word Press. Therefore, these are generally what I will compare Samcart against.

I’d like to make it clear here that I have physical products as well as digital products. The number one reason I wanted to look for an alternative shopping cart software is one that is more simple, more reliable and more professional looking than my current software.

When I heard SamCart has been designed and built “with simplicity in mind” my attention pricked up. Initially I was first attracted to SamCart when I read it will increase my checkout page conversions. I think every online marketer has heard of shopping cart abandonment.

This is a nightmare situation.

You have done all the hard slog to get someone onto your blog, they’ve liked your content, and started to place an order. BUT – between starting to plug in their information and clicking the buy button something has gone tragically wrong.

For whatever reason, they’ve stopped what they were doing, closed your page and left. The reason for leaving could well have had nothing to do with you and your site.

They were just distracted by something else.

Their phone could have rung.

Their mum or partner could have called them for dinner.

They could have just realized that time had shot by and they were late of an appointment. But worse, your shopping cart software might have annoyed them for whatever reason.

Both reasons could mean you’ve lost the sale. And I think it’s fair to say, you’ll be lucky if they come back without you encouraging them. In my VirtueMart software for Joomla I have two sections; one for shoppers, and one for orders. If the potential customer didn’t order, I would still see them in the ‘shoppers’ section.

This at least gives me the chance to email them and ask them why they didn’t go through with the order. Thankfully, they at least put their email address in before leaving, so I still have a chance to bring them back.

My Samcart Review After Two Weeks

That’s a long introduction, but I hope you’re still with me. Now I’d like to discuss the different features of SamCart based on my first two weeks with it.

  1. SamCart Templates

SamCart-Higher-Conversion-Rate-2bbWe know a strong template library is super important for any business marketing online. I must say SamCart does not have a lot of choices, but how many do you really need?

You can change the colours and remember this is a checkout system, not a website designer. As far as I can see all the templates look professional and do the job. I’m sure Brian Moran has a massive understanding of what sells online, so I’d say all good.



  1. SamCart One Click Upsells

This is also one of the big reasons for me choosing SamCart. Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to set this up to my satisfaction. SamCart’s upsell logic is an “add-on” logic, not an “upgrade” logic.

Because all charges are run immediately when a customer checkouts, accepts/declines an upsell, SamCart does not yet have advanced features that would allow an upsell to cancel/replace any product purchased before it. This I see is a major weakness for my physical products but I don’t think would be a problem when selling digital products.


  1. SamCart Split Testing

Effective split testing is a critical piece in optimizing a funnel. Most successful digital marketers split test every single thing that they can. And with SamCart you won’t be upset if you are a serious tester.

SamCart supports split testing on both your checkout pages, and your upsell funnels. What this means for your business, is that if you are wondering, “Will a $27.00 product convert differently than a $47.00 product?” you can split test the funnels.

This means that half of your traffic will flow through Upsell A, and the other half will see Upsell B. I’m still testing this function so more on this feature later.

  1. Is SamCart Mobile Responsive?

Is-SamCart-Mobile-ResponsiveObviously every one of your sites needs to be mobile responsive. While more and more people are using their mobile phones to purchase online, many websites and in particular, checkout options, do not work well on mobile phones.

SamCart has addressed this issue and in my testing, all of the checkout pages I have created are perfectly optimized for my iphone.

I hope I will now never lose any sales when one of my customers wants to purchase my products on their mobile phone.

5. Do SamCart Page Load Quickly?

One thing I have noticed is that SamCart pages load super-fast. This is bound to be translated into higher sales. No one likes a slow loading page. If page load time is an issue for your company, I also highly recommend you check out the speed of SamCart.

  1. What about the SamCart Branded Checkout Pages?

I think most shopping cart checkout pages are super ugly and unprofessional. This must seriously damage your reputation with your prospects. In comparison, I think the SamCart checkout pages look truly professional. One problem though I’ve had is with the size of my logo.

Perhaps this is my fault, but an area of concern. No more generic carts, now your shopping cart can be as much a part of your marketing strategy as every other piece.

  1. The SamCart Guarantee Feature

As far as I can see there are 4 guarantee features. Free, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day.

Not sure if you can create 180, or 365 if you wanted. I think having a strong guarantee gives all prospects a sense of security because if you are willing to refund them or have a similar guarantee, you are willing to stand behind your product.

  1. Is SamCart Safe and Secure?

Rarely does a day pass without hearing about a company getting hacked, or losing their customer’s data. This is a big issue for online businesses just like yours, so SamCart has made sure that security, and visibility of security has been a big part of their design.

Every cart is SSL encrypted, meaning your customer’s data will be safe, and you will be able to confidently run your business.

  1. How Good is the SamCart Training?

I think the Samcart training is superb. Some of the videos are a little bit dated, but that just goes to show SamCart are constantly upgrading the SamCart system. I think you’ll also find the Samcart training really helpful, and will help you get knowledgeable pretty quickly.

  1. What about SamCart Support?

I think the SamCart support is ok, but is an area they do need to work on. Some of the questions I have asked them over the first two weeks have still not been answered. But sorry Brian you don’t get 5 stars here.

  1. What’s Next? – Affiliate Marketing

This is also a feature I am really looking forward to. I have not had chance to check it out yet, so until next time, I will check it out for you, and report back. Overall, SamCart has my vote. If you’re a digital marketer who sells products online, I’m sure you’ll want to test SamCart for yourself pretty soon.



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