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BCB-marketing-system by Dean HollandI hope I built your curiosity up to read about part 2 of my Big Commission Blueprint Review. But honestly, my review wasn’t supposed to be in 2 parts, but sometimes things come up and they have to be dealt with.




So did you take a look at My Big Commission Blueprint Review Part 1 yet?

If not please read this first, click HERE for Part 1


So if you’ve read Part 1, let’s get cracking straight in to part 2.

So why do so many people fail to make money online?

I think the number one reason is that most people don’t have the balls or guts for success. The road is too tough and TV, Facebook Training and chillin out at the pub are way more fun.


But not everyone is bone idle. There are a lot of people who try very hard to succeed online, but just never make it. I think a big part of that failure is they never find the right training or mentor.

One thing I’ve realized over the last 5 years is that I think it’s almost impossible to succeed online without a coach or mentor.

I wish I’d realized this a lot sooner, and I could have saved myself a lot of hassle.


With the Big Commission Blueprint you get a step-by-step easy to follow training system with easy to follow videos, useful tips and strategies, action steps, help to build your game plan, and a checklist to make sure you understand all of Dean’s material.


You can also join the private Facebook community where you can submit any questions you have for extra guidance. If you never use Facebook, you will now, because this group actually helps you succeed.

Is it difficult to make money online?


Of course it is. This is why you need a blueprint for success.  One of the most difficult things about making money online is being able to do it consistently. Most people can put in a hard day of graft once in a while. But can you do it consistently?


In the Big Commission Blueprint you’ll learn how to build a real and sustainable online business. Dean uses this system himself to make money on the internet? Do you know why? Because it works.


Unlike some online training where you are drip fed the modules, the Big Commission Blueprint lays out all 11 steps from the start.


If you can’t wait to get started Click This Link HERE:


If you would like more information, please Click This Link HERE:

My Recommendation for Big Commission Blueprint

I would suggest you just start at the beginning and watch through the entire system without taking any notes. Then leave it a day and come back again, fresh, free from any distractions, lock the door, and then watch thru again, taking notes where needed.

Then start implementing what you have learned. After I have finished writing this review, I’m going to watch through the whole system again. Dean gets me fired up every time I watch through the Big Commission Blueprint, and new ideas come to my mind every time.


My Big Commission Blueprint Review Summary

My rating after two weeks of using the Big Commission Blueprint is this. I’m not being funny when I say this. I have a really good feeling about the Big Commission Blueprint, and of course Dean Holland. I have had other coaches in the past, but nothing quite like Dean Holland and his company Internet Profits. I don’t say that lightly. No joke, it really feels like a family, and that I really have a helping hand when I need it.


Compared to every other coach I’ve had where there’s very little connection, Dean Holland really makes me feel like he cares about my success and he is determined to see me succeed online.


Yes, I know it might sound a bit cheesy to say “Dean Holland makes u feel like one of the family” but honestly it’s the nearest I’ve found in the internet business online.


I’m not exactly sure if there are other similar courses to the Big Commission Blueprint online. But I know most coaches do their best to make sure you don’t contact them directly.


I personally think that the Big Commission Blueprint over delivers for the price of your investment.  Plus, if you actually watch go through all the training that is given to you, and only implement a fraction of what you are being taught, you’ll make your initial investment back within a week or two at most.


Therefore, I fully recommend the Big Commission Blueprint if you are serious about making money online. There is of course a  full money back guarantee if you don’t get off your backside and do a bit of work.


Ok, that’s enough writing, time for action!!

Look, if you’re not ready to make a real commitment to your future just yet, go sit on the fence some more. But if like me, you want success faster than a rat up a drainpipe then I’m telling you now, you need the Big Commission Blueprint just as much as I do.

So hope to see you in the private Facebook group, send me a message when you join so I know you are onboard and I’ll send you a surprise bonus!!


If you can’t wait to get started Click This Link HERE:


If you would like more information, please Click This Link HERE:


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