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Everywhere you look… (if you know what you’re looking for) you see worthless marketing everywhere. I’m sure you get the same crappy emails I get and the same awful flyers through your door which just give a massive company logo, and contact information of the business. Offline, I see billboards that businesses use for ‘branding.’

Really, all I see is worthless garbage. Often you can’t even work out which company is being branded! Big mistake…

So who does profit from naff billboards like the ones you know I’m talking about? Only the so called ‘professional marketing’ companies…

Importantly, NOT you and your business… They haven’t even learned the power of a headline yet.  No offer.  No Call-to-Action.  Nothing-Zip

Are Internet Marketers Much Better?

Ok, in internet marketing many make it a point to stand up, raise their hand and say, “Look at what I AM doing, my option is the best…” Face to face can be just as bad… But here’s the thing… Your audience? Your market?

The person who’s in that market, who’s reading your ad… Dan Kennedy taught me a long time ago about the Message / Market / Medium rules…and I never forgot these important rules.. most-incredible-free-offer-GKIC-Dan-KennedyIf you still don’t know who Dan Kennedy is I strongly recommend you take him up on his ridiculously extravagant FREE offer.

It’s worth a whopping $634 so even if you just grab the free offer, you’ll be busy for months implementing his advice. CLICK HERE or paste this domain in your browser: If you are one of those types who gets overburdened with too much information.




And Dan Kennedy’s “Incredible Free Gift Offer” will be a massive amount of information for you to divulge..   no-bs-dan-kennedy-free-marketing-bookSo if you want a slower introduction into Dan Kennedy’s world, grab his FREE BOOK OFFER HERE. There’s also a ton of ‘Profit Boosting’ advice in this book.


  • But one of my favourites was ‘discovering the four direct marketing mistakes that almost all businesses make’ (this could be costing you thousands without even knowing it).
  • Use the proven power of the “results triangle” to ensure that every single campaign you put together is a big winner – a BLUEPRINT that literally switches you from hit-and-miss to a system that irresistibly attracts a steady stream of buyers.
  • Go behind the scenes and cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of today’s top DIY marketers.
  • Send referrals through the roof with a simple technique that will have your customers begging to send you their friends and family.


With this gift you’ll discover some of our most potent small business marketing secrets-the result of over 40 years in-the-trenches of direct marketing and small business advertising.

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Right, I’ve got to hit the gym before it gets busy…back with part 2 later this evening or tomorrow morning..

Til then… greg-noland-australia

Always Dedicated to Your Success,

Greg Noland 


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