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Les Brown ’s first ‘Rule for Success’ is based around ‘Believing in Yourself’.

Some of what I am going to tell you now, might seem harsh. But you need to hear it.

I think to be able to believe in yourself you often have to get rid of the dead weight hanging around your neck. And do you know what that dead weight is?

Well, in my experience it is often your so called friends. If your friends don’t believe in you for whatever reason then they are only going to hold you back.

Often their negativity stems from their disappointment in the way their own life is going. So when they see you are all vibrant, and know exactly what you want and see you taking action, they are extremely jealous.

If you keep moving forward as fast as you are, then where will that leave them? Far, far, behind you, that’s where.

And they can’t have that can they?  They don’t want to see you with the new flashy car, the dream house, and the exotic holidays that they wish for themselves.

So what do they decide to do?

you-are-average-of-5-closest-friends-2Instead of following your lead and also creating a plan and taking action, they will do everything in their power to hold you back.

It might start off with ‘clever witty’ comments, but can easily develop into downright cruel and mean jealous behind your back to turn all your other friends against you.

So have you thought about the people around you lately, the ones you spend the most time with? Are they helping you succeed? Or are they holding you back? Are they a hindrance to you achieving your goals in life?

If they are holding you back then you seriously need to think about shedding some of that ‘luggage burden’.

I wonder if you have heard this about your salary. Your current average salary is equal to the average of your 5 closest friends. So be very careful who you hang out with.


“When it comes to the people we hang out with, we are greatly influenced by them whether we like it or not.

It affects our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions.”


If these people don’t believe in you they will only continue to hold you back. They will rarely change their negative attitudes. So the sooner you shake them off your coat tails, the better.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a REALLY difficult part of your life. It is not going to be easy. But you MUST follow through IF you are totally serious about being successful.

I had to go through this too. The problem for me is that no one told me to get rid of those so called friends. This delayed the time it took to eventually shake that burden from my life.

But I’m telling you my success shot up from the time I got rid of all those dead-weights. I’ve never been more successful and never been happier. You can do this too. Be strong. And take action.


Les Brown says relationships will help you grow

But relationships will also pull you under if you hang around with the wrong crowd. Let me tell you a story here.

One of my Facebook friends, and yes he is one of the guys I have never met, but he is a member of one of my mastermind groups. He told me this week that it is the 7 year anniversary of his biggest decision in life.

He made a decision, 7 years ago today to leave his gang. These are friends he grew up with, blood brothers as he recalled. But he knew if he could not break away from these lifelong buddies, there were only going to be two outcomes.

One he’d end up in jail for a very long time, or he’d be 6 feet under.

But he managed to pull himself away from his gang. And do you know what he has achieved in only 7 years?

He has put himself through college, the first in his family to do so.

He found a beautiful wife, and they have a gorgeous baby boy together. And he has also started his own business, and so far his business is growing and growing.


The point I wanna make here is that you probably don’t have such a life threatening decision to make about your life and business. So you can really do it.

As long as you just Believe in Yourself!

Ok, that’s all for Day One. I want to thank you for joining me, and I hope my words have struck a chord inside of you.

Go all out for what you believe. Go live your dream by taking action because you Believe in Yourself!


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

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