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This is a real humdinger by Les. You can’t afford to miss this video by Les Brown. There are massive lessons throughout this whole video. So make sure you watch the whole way through. Please do not skip any parts or you will surely miss out.

As always Les’ sharp wit will entertain you, with his verbal gymnastics that only Les can do so eloquently.

One of the massive takeaways I learned from this video is what Les called ‘The Builder’ and it teaches how we need to be committed to always give our best, always give 100% (and no, as my momma used to always say, there is no 110%).
So even if you hate your current job, but you are taking a paycheck, you owe it to yourself, to give it your best shot.

If you get into bad habits and basically just show up at work, and give a mediocre performance, you are only cheating yourself.

You owe it to yourself to give everything you do your best effort. This way you’ll be priming yourself to being your best. You’ll be instilling discipline in your bones.

And eventually when you have enough courage to find another job, or start your own business, you’ll be mentally prepared with the skills and attitude to be successful in anything that you want to try.

A Massive Life Lesson – The Builder

You MUST listen to the story of ‘The Builder’ because I truly believe it has massive potential to change your life.

Another lesson in this video is all about living with integrity. This is also such a valuable life lesson which you can’t afford to miss. It resonates with me especially because one of the examples Les gives about living with integrity has happened to me more than once.

What would you do if a shop gave you too much change? Would you tell them and hand the extra back? Or would you just walk away?

Whichever way you’d choose, make sure you listen to the video to find out what Les says you should do, and you should not miss his reasoning.



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