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What is Jeff Walker thinking?

If you know anything about internet marketing, you’ll know Jeff Walker invented the Product Launch Formula.

This is the benchmark in internet marketing training all other goo-roos aspire to be like.

And now Jeff is pulling the Ultimate Stunt in Internet Marketing

Check it out here:

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^^ click above to see what Jeff is up to ^^

He says he is “pushing the boundaries of how much free stuff you can give away during a launch.”

And he’s doing an entire launch LIVE!

Crazy, right?

And you know what?

It just might WORK!

You should be watching Jeff’s EVERY move, so CLICK HERE to sign up and watch Jeff’s launch!

For your success,

Greg “Jeff Walker’s Shrink” Noland

P.S. Great marketers are students of marketing. This is your chance to learn from a MASTER teacher.

Seriously, watch every training. Save every email for your swipe file. Take notes…and then copy what he does!

CLICK HERE for Jeff’s Product Launch Masterclass and learn from the master himself!


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