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I don’t know if it’s on where you are.  But I’m hooked on a program on Discovery Channel called Gold Rush.


It follows the trials and tribulations of 3 groups of miners in Alaska and the Klondike.


For some mining has been in the family for decades.  While others were complete novices when they started.


Of course there’s no hand panning any more.  These miners use huge diggers, excavators and trucks to collect the (hopefully) gold rich dirt.


And to extract the gold from the dirt there are massive shakers and trommels.


They all have pretty much the same kit.  So what separates the ones coining it in from the failures?




Yes.  They all think the ground they’re mining is going to make them a fortune.


But only some bother to test it to make sure.


There’s no point gambling $100,000+ sifting worthless muck.  Run a (relatively) cheap test and you know if you’ll be wasting your time.


What’s more they all know this.


Yet gold fever seems to take hold … common sense flies out of the window.


And so it is with marketing – your marketing.


You have the same tools as everyone else – websites, email, sales letters, PPC, autoresponders, etc.


But do you have gold fever and rush on regardless?


Or do you plan and test to make sure?  Only throwing the big money at it when you know.


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