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Well, perhaps not ‘horror’ in the grandest sense of the word…

But how can the King of Horror improve your marketing and copywriting messages, so you can ramp up your conversions, your sales, and your profits?

I think most people regard Stephen King as a very successful writer in the horror genre…

But would you think of Stephen King being one of your marketing mentors?

I know I’ve never been a fan of horror and so had never read any of Stephen King’s books, up until a year or two ago…

It wasn’t until I was introduced to his fabulous book, On Writing, did I realize Stephen King could join my long list of copywriting and marketing mentors.

By the way, if you haven’t read On Writing, I urge you to do so…honestly, it will improve your copywriting, blogging skills and hep you become a better marketer…

If you ever check out experienced writers ‘Top Ten Books’ On Writing is often on their lists…

The book describes the development of Stephen King’s writing career and provides lashings of writing tips which I know can improve your marketing messages.

Success leaves clues as they say…

So why not grab a few awesome tips from one of the most successful writers ever?

He’s obviously doing something write. Boom boom!!

And no, the book On Writing is not just about Stephen King’s writing career.

If you do any writing during your marketing, and that means all of us, then it makes sense to improve every sentence you write.

From a two sentence tweet on the dreaded Twitter, to a full blown sales page promoting your latest product.

You need to write better conversion-centered copywriting.

So let’s dive in and see how Stephen King’s On Writing book can boost your marketing…

  1. Read, read, read.

And then write, write, write,

The great copywriter Gary Halbert always used to say, write, write, write, if you want to become a king of copywriting.

Likewise, Stephen King’s mantra is read, read, read.

I know you might not want to hear that but until you start reading more, your profits will always be unsatisfactory.

The better your knowledge, the better and more successful your copy will be.

And don’t give me “But I’m not a copywriter” clap-trap!

We’re all copywriters if you’re in marketing.

And once you realize that, your profits will increase.

Practice makes perfect my friend!!

The more you read and write, the more you will develop your skills so you can create conversion pulling copy.

These 7 Critical Writing Books You Must Invest In will get you going in the right direction. Click HERE

  1. Turn off the TV and Dig.

The TV is not your friend.

I gave up on the TV about 16 years ago. And it’s definitely helped my bottom line.

Yes, the TV can be a source for information and inspiration. But not without massive drawbacks and distractions.

You can find information and inspiration from other, less distracting sources.

You must find sources for your storytelling.

One of my favourites at the moment is

20 minutes every morning is enough to get my creative juices flowing for the whole day. Try it.

Your content marketing must create a connection with your prospects.

The lifeblood of great copywriting and ultimately your sales conversions, is when your prospects connect with what you’re saying.

Find a human element to hang your story on and you’re sure to notice an improvement in sales conversions. Try Medium for a source of powerful ideas.


  1. Improve Your Marketing when you avoid adverbs but don’t obsess over perfect grammar.

You might think these two ideas don’t make sense.

But read this early post, and you’ll know where I’m coming from:

What Copywriters Should Know About Adverbs’Click HERE

Arty farty adjectives and adverbs can kill content clarity and credibility.

Use exciting and descriptive verbs instead of adverbs because you’ll find the essence of ‘action based verbs’ will encourage your prospects to take action.

I promise you your copywriting will be stronger and convert better if you follow this rule.

  1. Improve Your Marketing when you eliminate distractions at all cost.

I touched on this with number 2 and the TV, but there are a ton more distractions in the world today.

Twitter, Facebook, and all those time sucking vampires, which will truly kill your profits.

Yes, they can be useful in your marketing and business, but be VERY careful at what cost.

I know for one, I wouldn’t be sad if they disappeared tomorrow.

For you it could also be noise from kids, cats or colleagues.

Find the distractions, and trump them out!


  1. There are two secrets to success.

Stephen King is obviously asked the secret to success more times than he’s had peanut and jelly sandwiches. Does he get bored of that question?


His answer to the secrets to success are staying married and healthy.

Do you know what you will answer when you’re asked this question once your business is motoring forward?

Ok, look at it this way…

If an aspiring marketer, let’s say a 15 year old niece or nephew asked you this question, what would be your answer?

Because, do you know what?

I bet you could answer them?

AND…you’re NOT doing enough of what you already KNOW you should be doing to drive your business forward.

So my friend, answer that question write now… (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Write it down…and make it your mantra for the weeks and months ahead…


Well it’s that time of day again, gym time…

I don’t especially feel like it, but those are often the best work-outs…

The ones when you drag yourself to the gym, thinking you’ll just do 15 minutes and be done..

And end up doing a full hour of high intensity…


As always, please drop a comment in the box below…


Always Dedicated to Your Success,
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