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Well, my current, mentor, coach, and soon to be best friend, Stefan Georgi has been told by his mother that he has to help 1,000 people build a successful 6-figure business within the next 30 days, or she won’t let him come round for Sunday lunch ever again.

Ok, I made that up.

But if you know Stefan, you’ll quickly realise this guy gives insane amounts of free marketing advice.

Honestly, if you simply just watch Stefan’s Road to a Billion Podcast, you’ll get more golden nuggets how to build a 6-figure business than many marketing courses available for $1,000.

Stefan seems to be on a mission to break all records of kind-hearted marketing love right now.

And I must give him full credit.

You will too, once you watch just one single episode of his podcast. 
Check out all the details on the next episode below.

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Here’s what you get with the RMBC Membership:

  • Zoom call every month where Stefan will be breaking down his winning sales letters live on-screen in comprehensive detail.
  • See how he goes through everything: the headline, the lead, the background story, the mechanism, the close, the big ideas, etc…
  • See how he follows his RMBC Method in creating each offer
  • He will talk about why he made the decisions he did while writing it
  • You will be able to ask him as many questions as you want to about the letter during the call…
  • He will record the whole thing too, so that if you can’t make a live call you can still catch a replay.





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You Can Do This. I Know You Can.

Greg Noland

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P.S. If you really want the freedom of making money online, I honestly believe there’s no better skill to master than copywriting.

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