Properly understanding who you are marketing to is the foundation of all successful marketing. If you are making the mistake of thinking you can market to everyone at the same time you are pushing you know what with a stick uphill. Yes, big doo-doo.


How can you craft your marketing messages to everyone at the same time?

market segmentationThe short answer is you can’t. You might have heard target markets being segmented into demographic, psychographic and behavioral.

But as a straight talking Yorkshireman, what does this really mean? We speak simple in Yorkshire, didn’t you know?

I can translate this psycho babble into a group of potential prospects with similar features, like age, sex, opinions, interests, incomes, jobs.

You might even extend this into, same amount of kids, of the same ages, go on the same holidays, drive the same cars, drink the same beer. You know what I mean?

It all depends on the product you are trying to market, to a degree.

But going through the process of assessing who you are really marketing to is such an important exercise that this is the first step I have all my clients do on every training program I run. This is often the very first time most of them have ever bothered to think so deeply about their target customer.


The Custom Avatar

customer avatarHave you ever heard of this? No, it aint all about those blue skinned characters in the film where the toilet paper corporations wanted to destroy all the rain forests.

This is the serious business of becoming obsessed with your audience. This should be the first step in your business planning before you even create your business. Without knowing who your audience is, how can you expect to understand their fears, desires, and what keeps them up at night?

This is a huge area of interest to me, and one which I can thank Dan Kennedy for helping me think in this way.

Before you spend another dime on Google Adwords or Facebook ads, you must know who your audience is.

As David Ogilvy said “Every hour spent doing this kind of research will help you impress your prospect.”


Will I Sell More If I Know My Prospects Thoughts, Desires and Fears?

You bet your ass you will!!

When you are creating your marketing piece your number one goal is to have your reader, your prospect saying to themselves:


“Yes, that’s how I feel”

“Yes, I hate it when that happens too”

“Yes, that pisses me off too”

“Yes, I think he’s a jerk too”

“Darn, the guy who wrote this is just like me”


If you’ve done your market research correctly then these target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you.

When you have put the effort in to design your customer avatar then you’ll know who you are selling to. Then you can create a specific marketing campaign that is perfectly matched to your target customer, and will get past your prospects natural resistance to selling.

On the other hand, if you don’t do your research you’ll end up trying to market to people who have no interest in what you have to sell.

Even after doing your research you would be smart to also ask yourself the following questions:

What need or problem does my product or service solve?

How will I access this particular market?

How much is my product or service going to cost?

Who is the key decision maker in my target market?

Is there a gate-keeper restricting my access to my decision maker?


Once you’ve done your research properly you’ll have a much deeper understanding of who your prospect really is. Then when you are ready to communicate with them, you’ll have a much better chance of knowing what makes them tick.

You’ll also know what makes them motivated to buy your product or service and what will make them take action to buy.

So if you have never created a Customer Avatar for your business, get on to it right away.


Have you anything to add in creating a customer avatar?  Have you improved your success rate once you created your customer avatar? Please leave a comment below discussing your experiences so others can benefit. And good luck with improving your bottom line.


Always dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland


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