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What does it take to be a success as a copywriter in 2023?

Do you need to work for one of the top advertising agencies?

Do you think only the likes of Agora have the ability to train the next Makepeace or Bencivenga?

Or can you achieve mega-success being trained by a guy like Ben Settle?

He’s pretty much the most unlikely copywriting success.

He’s lazy…

He’s gruff…

He’s politically incorrect…

He can be insulting (even to his customers!)…

He calls people out…

And he never backs down from a fight.

He calls a spade a spade…

Yet, somehow, this guy generates a cool half-million dollars a year…working less than 30 minutes most days.

Can you be like him? I’m not sure you’d want to be…

But you can replicate his copywriting success — if you’re willing to change the way you think about copywriting.

See all the details here.


Can’t wait to hear about your success story, and stoked it was me who showed you the way to your copywriting stardom,

Always to Your Success,

Greg Noland

PS: WARNING: This program is not for everyone! If you prefer working long hours for a modest income, then everything about this guy will probably outrage you…

But if you’re interested in focusing a few minutes a day on high rewards writing, go here for all the details.

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