Welcome to Day 8 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Congratulations for making it this far. I really hope you have made a solid commitment with yourself to give 100% effort to the 25 Day Success Challenge.

I really want you to count this challenge as the turning point in your life.

The point in your life that you’ll look back on in the years ahead. You’ll know this was the big occasion which helped turn your life around.

We all know that getting started and sticking with new habits is the hard part. But if you really commit to DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES it will be much easier to keep going.

It just depends how badly you want Success. If it was easier, anybody would have it. But the Prize of Success is awesome, so you have to give something in return.

Most People Cannot Condition Their Minds To Succeed

A lot of people will never achieve success because they cannot condition their minds to succeed.

They’ll think of all the ways they CANT succeed, make a ton of excuses, and teach their brain that they are NOT an Achiever.

It might feel overwhelming at first. After all, you are about to make massive in your life.

You are about to create a whole new way of living.

Instead of slobbing on the sofa every evening you are going to work on your business, read life changing books and exercise.

Instead of waking up all groggy and crawling through your mornings, you are going to spring out of bed, drink a large glass of water and get straight into your Morning Rituals.

You are going to be beating your chest and telling yourself how powerful you are, how you are going to achieve massive things this morning!

Yes, your new way of living requires a lot of guts, a lot of discipline and commitment.

You might have doubts right now about if you can truly change, if you truly can start your day with Morning Rituals and Incantations.

But this is what the 25 Day Success Challenge has been designed to do.

If you commit 100% to giving the Challenge a real go for these 25 days then once you get to Day 25, you will have gone far enough to establish a habit.

Your new life will be much easier to maintain than it was to begin it.

I’m often asked how I can manage to hit the gym with such regularity when I have such a busy schedule.

My secret is I condition my brain to stay focused.

I have made an absolute commitment with myself that I will hit the gym at least 4 times per week. So if I go Monday to Thursday, then I could have the next 3 days off if I wanted and still keep my promise to myself.

I often get at least another day in. Often two, but I feel quite content if I did relax for the next 3 days.

Also, once you get to Day 25 you’ll have broken your addiction to your old habits. The benefits to your health and business will be so great that you’ll see no sense going back to your old habits.

You’ll have much more confidence to keep going.

Plus, you WILL feel much better about yourself, your life and your business, so you’d have to be crazy to go back to your old grumpy, failing ways.

So if you truly NEED SUCCESS and not just THINK you want it – then you can easily answer the question How Badly Do You Want Success?

See you again tomorrow…

Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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