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Welcome to the Final Day of the 25 Day Success Challenge

Yes, it’s the final day, and as I said yesterday, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this challenge.

So let’s get started on this final day… I must say it has been a wonderful and at times a difficult 25 day for me. I wanted so much to choose 25 topics which would really change your life.

And if you think I missed something out, then I’m very sorry for that, and please let me know in the comments box at the bottom. I know I haven’t covered everything.

It was really difficult choosing what could help you the most and right now. I know I might have given you a lot of suggestions over the last 24 days, and sometimes I didn’t go into enough details. But there just isn’t the room needed to explain all the things you need to learn.

For each of these blog posts I tried to keep below 1,000 words because I know a lot of people can’t read large chunks of text these days.


What’s After The 25 Day Challenge?

If you truly want to get to the next level I have some fantastic training courses for you.

I have called them the VIP Marketing Success Training Courses VIP Marketing Training Courses include an extensive suite of tools to help you build a successful online business including:


  • Complete business set-up including: domain name registration, web site hosting, point-and-click page creation, affiliate set-up, content management
  • Copywriting, email auto-responders, newsletter marketing mastery, blogging
  • List building for huge profits on auto-pilot
  • Search engine optimization to attract huge revenue streams through traffic generation
  • Video sales letters to create customers while you sleep
  • Social media mastery, including how to effectively use facebook, twitter, & RSS feeds
  • and more, more, more…


So please take a look at the VIP Marketing Success Training Courses as I really think they can give you the tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level.  

You’ve made a massive step forward in your life to come here and listen to what I have to teach you.

This is NOT the end of the 25 Day Success Challenge.

But the beginning of your journey into your marvelous Online Marketing Career.     greg noland click funnels

Always Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland


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