Welcome to Day 14 of the 25 Day Success Challenge

So how are you going so far on the 25 Day Success Challenge? Thank you for your emails if you have spent the time to send me one. I promise I read every email, and also try to answer every one in a timely fashion.

I hope you didn’t find Day 13: Modeling Success too much to handle. If you did, don’t worry. A lot of my clients feel that way when they first discover the principle. Heck, I felt like that too at first.

But over time, you’ll come to realize that success does leave clues and it’ll make perfect sense to model successful people.

For now, just keep an open mind on the principle and let’s move on to Day 14 of the 25 Day Success Challenge.

To be successful working from home you need to create a productive working environment. You need to create a workspace that is conducive to producing your best work.

Would you like to boost your productivity by making some small changes to your working environment?

If you’re going to spend a lot of time working at your desk, then you need to make sure you can produce your best work there.

How do you feel with your current working area?

As I’m sure you’re at your desk right now, take a moment to clear your mind. Take 5 really deep breaths, exhale slowly and really think about how your work area makes you feel.

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

Do you feel motivated and energized?

Or do you feel lethargic and dazed?

Have you seen a better working environment?

Do you know anyone who has a better working space than you? What is different about their working area?

Do they have a bigger, and better table?

A more comfortable chair?

More plants around the table area?

Do they have a sofa nearby? (5 min power naps are awesome by the way!)

What differences can you make today to improve your area?

Drop by the garden centre this weekend and buy a few indoor plants. Tell the sales people that you want plants for your office to make sure they sell you the right type. You don’t want them dying on you after a few days.

One thing I also think is worth the investment is a high quality chair which supports you properly.

Another thing I have learned over the years is that you don’t have to do every project in the same area.

For example, when I’m reading and writing my books I use a different area. I do a lot of my writing with a pad and paper, so I’m away from the distractions of my computers.

I also don’t have a phone at my work desk. You’re not going to be able to perform at your best if the phone is going off constantly. A lot of people can’t work this one out. But every phone tracks the callers these days. So if you don’t believe that you’ll be more productive, just try it.

I’ll be discussing Productivity in the days ahead on the 25 Day Success Challenge, and this will be ground-breaking in your life, and in your business, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Make a difference to your working environment this week.

To make positive changes to your working environment it doesn’t mean you have to be a black belt in feng shui! I’m talking common sense here.

Clear the clutter off your desk right now, and dump it in a box, and put it in your spare room. You can sort it out later.

Make sure you are using cable ties to keep all your computer cables neatly out of the way.

What colour walls to be most productive?

Do your walls need a lick of paint? For $10 and a few hours you can transform your working area this Sunday.

Colour can profoundly affect how productive you are. Research has shown that blue colours affect your mind; yellow your emotions; red your body; and green your ‘balance’. By combining these colours you can influence your behaviour.

The bottom line is that colour profoundly affects your behaviour, so use it wisely.

Your Task For Today

Make a list of the changes you can make to your working area. Don’t worry if they don’t work. This might take a few weeks to get right. Think of this as an on-going project until you get it right.

Do you have a large whiteboard on your office wall? Very handy to plan out ideas.

Do you have a space to put up some inspirational phrases?

Rule number one, don’t just plan it. TAKE ACTION!

See you again tomorrow…


Dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland



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