I woke up yesterday morning and as I got into my morning routine, which I will explain what that is in a minute, I thought about how many days I had left before I go to Australia. For those who don’t know me yet, I have a dream holiday planned for this December for 21 days. Australia is one of those places which perhaps you always thought of going, but have never managed it. But as I am a man of rugged determination and a go-getter in life, I made the decision earlier this year to make it happen.


And do you know what the funny thing that happened almost immediately?  I’m not kidding here, and I urge you to find out about ‘The Secret’ and “The Law of Attraction’ if you don’t believe me. As soon as I made the conscious decision to make sure I got to Australia this year, I was contacted by an old friend who I have not spoken to for a few years, inviting me to guess where…. Yes, you guessed right, he invited me to his family’s beach house outside of Melbourne.


I couldn’t believe it. We started talking like wed only just talked the day before.  I was almost kicking myself for not thinking about him earlier and kinda inviting myself.  But, anyway,  by the end of the conversation we had arranged to meet up this December in Melbourne. Boom chalacka boom. I am going to Australia!!

So what has this got to do with internet marketing you might be asking.

Well in fact it’s got a lot to do with making a living online. As internet marketers, our self-esteem can often take a battering. Perhaps more so than a regular guy on a basic salary.  As entrepreneurs and business owners we often decided to work for ourselves to give us freedom to work less, work when we want and where we want.

But if we don’t make conscious efforts to check ourselves from time to time we can often end up more stressed than the average Joe. He comes home at 5 o’clock with not a second thought about his job until he walks back through the door the next day.

Not so for the average internet marketer I don’t think. Definitely not for me, that’s for sure. I don’t get stressed out about it. But I am thinking about my business pretty much constantly. Even if not consciously, I know my sub-conscious mind is going over my ‘To Do List’, organising it, prioritizing it, shifting things around for me, crossing off jobs I’ve done and the like.

So back to where I started with this post. I woke up this morning and realised I had 25 days left before I fly to Australia. I wanted to do something significant which was difficult to do, but achievable with the right plan, and the right focus. And something which would be beneficial for my business and that of my own personal development.

So I decided why don’t I complete a structured ‘25 Day Success Challenge’?  This is a powerful personal growth tool which are normally 30-days, but hey, what the heck is wrong with a 25 dayer?

This is a concept my coach Michael Bolduc taught me earlier this year. I met Michael in December of last year, and I must say that since then I have had easily my most productive days, weeks and months.

Starting a challenge is a great way to develop new habits, start an exercise program or quit a bad habit like smoking and or drinking too much.

But today is the day your life is going to change. Join me on the 25 Day Success Challenge

Once you get through the 7 day barrier, it will get easier!! Let’s get going together. So go on, think about something you want to change in your life, and come back tomorrow to get started.



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Greg Noland

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