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This is a brief Dan Kennedy update

Thank you for all the emails regarding Dan and his continued recovery.

We all wish Dan a speedy recovery through Covid and beyond.

Dan influenced my career remarkably, and I’m forever grateful to him.

I’m so happy he’s doing much better.

And as so many of you have asked I keep up with the updates…

Here goes…

I have not done one of these in long time.

He is one strong Dude to come back from the jaws of Death.

He is alive and improving with great hard work.

Now sadly blind in one eye but able to type now and is presenting information and doing interviews plus work with a select few coaching clients.

He is now providing training with Magnetic Marketing.

He and I talk several times a week.

I am happy to say our friendship is back on track and talking about STUFF verse his illness and possible passing.

He has done a few webinars and says he MISSES big time the people in the audience.

All of us professional speakers MISS the energy and feedback from a REAL AUDIENCE.

I will say I am very Proud of Dan for all the work he does to regain as much as possible now with limited resources to the DAN we know and love.

The total return of that Dan has to transform due to his fragile health so we should enjoy HIM while he is here.

Clearly everything in our life is in huge transformation.

Enjoy the blessings you can while you have them.

Keep Dan in your prayers.

Best, Lee Milteer

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