Last Updated on 1 year by Greg Noland

Thank you for all the emails regarding Dan and his continued recovery.

We all wish Dan a speedy recovery through December and into the New Year.

As many of you have asked I keep up with the updates…

Here goes…

Wonderful to speak with Dan at length on Thanksgiving Morning.

He is preparing for a new surgery that is needed.

His attitude was DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and he has dug in to BEAT these challenges.

He laughs about now the new problem is he is way way too thin.

He has to gain weight and manage the Diabetes complications at the same time so it is not like he can eat a bunch of carbs to gain weight. ( like the rest of us)

He is kind of tired of all the Doctors appointments but there is nothing he can do but go . Again not a great patient!!

( photo of Dan and I in Orlando last year )

I am also including our dear friend Pete’s message today about his taking to Dan. Pete and I keep tabs on Dan weekly. Pete Lillo

Dan called me Thanksgiving evening, his voice sounds strong.

He’s still deep into his rehab program.

Many issues are still unresolved due to many health concerns.

Dan will have at least 1 surgery in the coming month and is now under constant care by his tending physicians.

Dan is taking one day at a time.

Keep Dan in your prayers.

Best, Pete

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