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What language will the application be written in?

It will probably be a Ruby on Rails application. Rails works well for the style of application he’s going for and there are a lot of developers with experience writing Rails apps. Personally he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but there are some great books and tutorials he can pick up to learn.

Will he be doing the development himself?

No chance! Best to hire someone with experience in this area. He can do all the wireframes, visual design, and HTML/CSS while leaving the real code to someone smarter.

Though he does hope that having his own project will help him get a lot better with Ruby and Rails. In addition to the contract developer he’ll be hiring, he is working with several talented Ruby developers who will be advisors on the project. Basically just answering a few questions here and there as well as reviewing the code changes every few weeks.

Is he hiring developers?

Yes, but the budget is small.

How much will it cost to build?

Hard to say at this point! But right now $5,000 of his own money to get things started, but the goal is to get customers to fund the development.

How can he build software that quickly?

By focusing on solving a really specific problem the simplest way possible. This is not an all-in-one solution, but rather solve a single, really painful problem and work from there. That means not as many screens to design and not as much code to write.

What if he fails?

Par for the course my friend. Let’s see but he doesn’t think it is likely to fail. More likely that he reaches only a few grand. But that’s still success in my books. If it does completely fail, then it will be public. At least then, everyone will learn something to apply to future projects.

Why are you starting a day early?

Because time to get going!! Also time is money, don’t you know??  

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