Are you choosing your affiliate marketing products wisely? Earning a passive income seems to be a hot topic on the internet over the last few years. There are obviously many things that you can to make a profit from home. You could go for stock trading or become an author.

But this blog is all about internet marketing so today I would like to discuss affiliate marketing.

If your internet marketing business has not been pulling enough income then affiliate marketing could be the key to get the extra income you desire.

Just like anything in the world of internet marketing, affiliate marketing is not the easy route to passive income glory, although many of the gurus might tell you it is.

Affiliate marketing is tough, and takes a lot of work to get right. It is not a task which everyone can pull off easily. You need to know what you are doing and what elements you need to use to blend with your website.

Marketing your affiliate’s products will be a whole lot easier if you are very careful in your selection of products.

This is because your choices will influence and affect your entire affiliate marketing campaign. Therefore, you have to choose your affiliate marketing products very carefully.

How Do You Choose The Right Affiliate Marketing Products?

Your selection of affiliate marketing products should be done wisely because this will directly impact your sales and leads. You can go to clickbank for example and choose the hot products which are generating a lot of sales.

  1. Login to your clickbank account and then you go to marketplace and click on advanced search.
  2. Then you will have a lot of filtering choices. I suggest you experiment here. But I usually choose my keywords for my niche, although I do know people who try to promote anything they think will pull a high income.
  3. Next I choose ‘Average Sales’ as higher than $20. Then ‘English language’, and then click both choices for ‘billing type’, one time and recurring. I personally prefer ‘recurring’ and I will explain why in another post.
  4. When you listing come up you should look at both ‘popularity’ and ‘gravity’.
  5. For ‘gravity’ I don’t normally choose anything less than 50. This shows the product is converting pretty well.
  6. Find a product you wish to promote and click ‘Promote’.
  7. Put in your clickbank ID, and then you will receive your affiliate code. Pretty simple right?


are you ready to make moneyThe key is to find out what’s in and most wanted first because this will build your customer interest the most. Right now, I think video marketing and animation are very big sellers.

If you have a blog that is related to health and fitness, then you will obviously need to choose products that are related to exercise regime and weight loss would be more relevant and agreeable with your target customers.


So if you have never given affiliate marketing a try why don’t you give it a try today? Stop dreaming about and thinking about making money online. ACT! And act now!



Have you had bad experiences with clickbank?  Do you recommend clickbank due to your successes with it? Have you stopped using clickbank and use something else with a much better success rate?

Please leave a comment below discussing your experiences with clickbank.

And good luck with monetizing your marketing blog in 2019.

Always dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland


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