google adsense tipsYou might often hear that Adsense is awesome for monetizing your marketing blog. But is that true? In this post I want to discuss some of the positives and negatives which I have found from Adsense over the years. Please feel free to add in your comments below.

First off, I would say although you can make money out of AdSense it would be difficult to make a living from it. But it can definitely make you some income if done in the right way. Where I see my clients give up on Adsense is because they don’t really understand it, and they often give up too quickly.


What Are Some Of The Negatives People Have With Adsense?

  1. Some suggest that unless you have a really high traffic site then there is no point bothering with Adsense. You might also hear that Adsense accounts get banned for no reason. This is true as I know many people who this has happened to. Some people, especially in the beginning, believe that they can click on their own ads. That’s bound to get them banned, wouldn’t you say?
  2. Many people feel Adsense pays too cheaply and you can do better with affiliate marketing or selling your own products. I definitely think this can be true. You should weigh up both sides carefully.
  3. Others complain the ads can be irrelevant and so can damage their brand. When you have ads on your website you are endorsing that brand. This can annoy the heck out of people, especially in the beginning. This is because it takes a while for Google to understand your website, so it is definitely true you could have some strange ads on your site when you first open your Adsense account.
  4. Adsense can be annoying because you do not have full control over who advertises on your website. You can blacklist certain URLs but my clients often complain that it takes too much time to make sure every brand that appears on their site is creditable.
  5. Some people say the hassles of Adsense are just headaches they can do without and suggest doing affiliate marketing instead. In my experience it can take roughly the same traffic to get an adsense click as it does to earn an affiliate commission.
  6. Another complaint I often hear is that each Adsense click represents a potential lost customer or fan to your blog. The reason being the purpose of your blog is to get readers and clicks to your own products. However, if your visitor clicks your Adsense ads they are potentially disappearing from your site which is obviously a marketing killer. I tend to agree with this rule. When you put Adsense ads on your site you are optimizing an exit plan.Others might say if your content is good enough they will always return. But I think this could prove costly. Until you have built up a good reputation with your viewers it will be very hard and naive to believe they will always return.
  7. You might think your site will look tacky with strange ads all splashed over it. I mean, haven’t you spent hours crafting attention grabbing headlines, spent hours working on your opening paragraphs to catch people’s attention? Have you spent a pretty penny on your graphics to make your site look as professional as possible? And now Google has splashed cheap looking ads all over your hard work. Also, does the profit you can make from Adsense outweigh the negativity the ads can bring to your site?


Adsense Summary

google adsense adviceThere are so many different ad networks so you don’t have to only choose Adsense. You should make sure that you match the content of your blog to the type of ad network you use. Adsense is based on commercial terms but if your blog has non-commercial content then Adsense might not be a good fit.

Please remember also that the reason you are not making money with Google AdSense might be because your knowledge of Adsense might need improving. Also, the quality of your website, and general content might need upgrading. There has never been a better time to learn how to blog properly, how to write with a better style. AdSense will also not work on crappy low quality sites.

You could create thousands of sites to increase your overall monetary results but we both know that is pointless. Better, to make sure your blog has a proper strategy to make money and offer content that is valuable to your target niche. And don’t try and reach everyone. Have you had bad experiences with Adsense? 

Do you recommend Adsense due to your successes with it?

Have you stopped using Adsense and use something else with a much better success rate?

Please leave a comment below discussing your experiences with Adsense.

And good luck with monetizing your blog.  

Always dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland

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